Courtney Henning


Bugs and Pants

Sophomore summer has brought to my life a beautiful new pastime - bug bite counting. I'm from Los Angeles and although as a camp counselor I spent most of my past summers outdoors, I've never come close to accumulating the number of bite marks that I have at present count.

The Contra Complex

When it comes to Nintendo, I am a fan of your old school, Mario-esque adventure games; so last October when my roommate blessed our double with the original 8 bit NES, I quickly attached myself to Super Mario Bros.

Ten in Line

Tonight at Home Plate, friendships faced destruction when the dinner conversation turned to a rather controversial subject: the release of the new Star Wars movies.

Motivation Anyone?

Lethargy is a phenomenon which I do not understand. This is not for a lack of experience with it -- oh no, Courtney Henning has plenty of experience with that most sluggish of states.

The Salt Fairy

Being from Los Angeles, I often find myself moaning during the Dartmouth winter, "Why didn't I go to UCLA?" It is not so much the cold I mind.

Tales of a Paranoid Roommate

Well, this is my second attempt at writing this week's column. I managed to string together over 400 words in the past hour before realizing that what I was writing was worth less than the pop wisdom on those uplifting day-by-day calendars.

Take Your Vitamins

Last night on the phone, my mom asked me whether I was taking my vitamins and I hastily answered, "Yes, yes, of course," even though the vitamin bottles have not been opened since last March.

Why I Hate Exams

I'd like to ask all my professors to do me a personal favor -- don't ever tell me that grades don't matter. Too many times in my academic career I have had a teacher or professor tell me something to the effect of, "Oh, now, all I want is for you to do your best.

Eating in the Real World

A couple of Saturday nights ago at a little past midnight, my friends and I found ourselves at Fort Lou's.

The Moonbounce Moose

Ever since I arrived at Dartmouth last year, the College has apparently had mascot issues. The Indian is long gone.

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