Claire Callahan



Helping Hands: Engineering a Better Cot for the Haven

Being at Dartmouth can be all-consuming, as we worry about our own responsiblities and futures. Even walking into Hanover doesn’t really bring a lot of variety; it’s a small, wealthy town with many of its buildings owned by Dartmouth.


Not Your Average Humans of Dartmouth

Dartmouth people are intimidating. First-day-of-class icebreakers often lead to awkward situations, like when you provide the fun fact that you have a dog named Milo and the person across from you responds with her discovery of a dwarf planet. 

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Students adjust study habits to Dartmouth climate

So many pamphlets, websites, lectures and discussions are made available to high school students to prepare them for college’s intense social transition that it’s easy for Dartmouth students to forget that they are at the College to receive an education. Engaging with Dartmouth’s higher level learning could certainly be a shock to first-year students who are accustomed to high school learning methods and grading. Nora “Gus” Guszkowski ’22 quickly learned the difficulty of maintaining high grades at the College.


Gender Roles in Hook Up Culture

Popularized perceptions of college life cast a narrow view of sexuality in which men hit on women at drunken frat parties, leading to one-night stands with no strings attached.


Fake It Until You Make It

Any kind of life transition puts your confidence to the test. The transition to Dartmouth, where it seems like every other person has created a business or cured a disease, is especially trying.