Christopher LaForgia


Game over: Buddy Teevens new head football coach

The "new era of Dartmouth football" has officially started with Coach Eugene "Buddy" Teevens '79 at the helm. At the Hanover Inn on Wednesday afternoon, President James Wright and Athletic Director Josie Harper enthusiastically introduced the new coach. Coach Teevens spoke to the crowd of bringing a "passion for winning" and expectations of an Ivy League title as soon as next year. Teevens stated that his football players would have to excel in three facets of Dartmouth life: academics, community participation, and football.

Hall of Fame inducts Green linebacker

SOUTH BEND, IND, Aug. 14 -- Murry Bowden '70 was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, along with 22 other players and coaches. Bowden, known as the "Reckless Rover", was known for his tough play at linebacker.

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