Christine Paquin



POINT: Recycling

I'm a good little faux new age hippie. Although I don't own Birkenstocks or Doc Marten's, I'm from Vermont, my family composts, I eat organic, I like the Grateful Dead and I think that new vegetable garden at the White House is rockin'. I always use canvas bags on my Co-op runs, I don't litter, I own a BPA-free Nalgene and I think every high school kid should watch "An Inconvenient Truth" in science class.


Counterpoint: Elliptical or Treadmill?

In life, some things are recognized as pure, unadulterated facts. For example, Princeton can't play hockey, UGGs will never go out of style at Dartmouth, a pong date here is equivalent to a first date everywhere else, and elliptical machines are for wimps.


Counterpoint: Hometown Friends

Your home friends: They're the ones who knew you before you thought doming was a sport. Blitz is alien to them, they think large fires surrounded by teeming hordes signify something akin to the occult and, for these special some-ones, pong means Beirut.

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