Chloe Jennings


special issue

Think Dartmouth: work hard, play hard

Think Dartmouth: a school in a picturesque college town, charming but remote. A quintessential college campus, with a clock tower, a college green and a set of neatly matched, colonial-style academic buildings.


Madly in love

The stereotypes surrounding relationships at Dartmouth seem contradictory. On the one hand, hookup culture seems pervasive: “dance floor makeouts” and no-strings-attached relationships are seen as commonplace and normal.


Forbidden fruit

If you’ve ever been in a position of power, you know that getting people to follow the rules is a complicated and often elusive pursuit.

Gender-inclusive houses extend bids

Gender-inclusive fraternities the Tabard, Phi Tau and Alpha Theta are in the process of extending bids for the winter term. Additionally, Panarchy and Amarna undergraduate societies have seen new members join this term.

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