Carl Burnett



FNR presents Ted Leo in biggest show yet

If Friday Night Rock's first year was about building a fan base at Dartmouth, then its second year has been about trying to bring those fans exactly what they want. After a 2004-05 lineup that has included cult favorites like Enon, the Wrens, Mates of State and Xiu Xiu, FNR is set to host its highest-profile show yet when Ted Leo and the Pharmacists play in Fuel at 9:30 on Friday night.


Interpol returns with second album

Death Cab For Cutie's Ben Gibbard recently suggested that Interpol should have spent less time touring last year and more time writing the songs on "Antics," the group's second album. That's hardly a surprising comment from Gibbard, who is known for lyrics that are witty, even precious.


Ten years gone, but Cobain's music still holds strong

Ten years ago today, the world learned that the lead singer of one of history's biggest rock bands and the proverbial messiah of grunge rock, Kurt Cobain, had put a gun to his head and ended his own life, leaving behind a piece of paper on which he predicted, "This note should be pretty easy to understand." For millions of teenagers and 20-somethings, understanding wasn't so easy.


Campbell content without B&S

In 2002, Isobel Campbell left Belle & Sebastian, one of the most successful indie bands in the world, to pursue a solo career.