Brittany Coombs



AS SEEN ON: FOX's rickety 'Dollhouse' can't keep it together

It's tough not having a personality to call your own. Just ask any of the brainwashed beauties who regularly get their memories erased before donning new disguises in FOX's new sci-fi drama "Dollhouse." The show premiered two weeks ago to, deservingly, very little fanfare. In Dollhouse, young people called "Dolls" are carefully monitored by their "Handlers" within a hidden futuristic compound called "The Dollhouse," where they are kept blissfully unaware in between their illegal assignments as "Actives" in the real world. Actives are Dolls who have been temporarily endowed with new skills and personality traits.


AS SEEN ON: TV Land runs it back

If you've ever had nostalgia for something that you've never personally experienced, you know that it's a wonderful, inexplicable feeling. TV Land, as a channel, banks on this feeling.


AS SEEN ON: "Trust Me" markets office politics

While their peers aspired to be police officers, firemen or environmental activists, Mason and Conner of TNT's new character drama "Trust Me," which premiered Monday at 10 p.m., had different ambitions growing up.


AS SEEN ON: In "Lie to Me," talk is cheap

The human face is perhaps the most complex arrangement of muscle found in nature. Just ask Dr. Cal Lightman, the "face-reading" protagonist of the new drama series "Lie to Me," which premieres tonight on FOX at 9 p.m. In "Lie to Me," Lightman (Tim Roth) and his expert colleagues must help government agencies sort fact from fiction. Unlike typical crime-busters, however, Lightman has more than just fingerprints and paper trails at his disposal.


AS SEEN ON: Eighth "Idol" season back with a vengeance

Love it or hate it, "American Idol" is back. And this time, it's personal. Season eight of the annual singing competition, which premiered in a two-hour long episode on FOX Tuesday night, features the usual crazy locales and crazier people.