Brandon Del Pozo


Remember to Reflect on Memorial Day

To the Editor: In the courtyard leading to the Hinman boxes, there is a plaque listing the names of Dartmouth graduates killed in World War II and the Korean War; it is a long list.

Going, Going ... Gone!

At about this time of the year, every senior who has ever written something opinionated for a campus publication is contemplating writing a "senior column," in which they say their parting words and enlighten us as to the true nature of Dartmouth, the universe, etc. Then they go out and get a job and resume their pedestrian lives. You'll see one from John Strayer '96 any time now, and Katie Shutzer '96 is undoubtedly planning one.

Pregnancy or Philosophy?

People often think it is easy to major in philosophy, but they are wrong. They assume it is a lot of nonsense and phil students get to sit around all day and discuss whether they exist or not, and if they do, is it right to steal someone else's North Face jacket if nobody is around to see them slipping out of the frat with it. However, as someone who has taken fourteen philosophy classes, I can tell you it is not all fun and games.

Tuition Buys Connections, Not Diplomas

Every once in a while I have a conversation with some person who hates Dartmouth. I have little patience for these types, because they tend to whine a lot and don't try to make the best of the situation they're in. I'm not saying Dartmouth is perfect, because it's not.

Sexism at the WRC Revisited

A few days ago Kishan Putta '96 was told that he was not especially welcome at a meeting held by Women of Color United to discuss their reactions to the recent debate on racism between Dinesh D'Souza '83 and Government Professor Roger Masters. "I can understand that you might feel excluded, however, my sense is that the group exists for specific purposes that would not be served by making it open to men or white women," read the e-mail that Giavanna Munafo, head of the Women's Resource Center, sent to Putta in response to his disappointment that he was "banned from [attending] simply because of my Y-gene." Also in response to Putta's sentiments, Yun Chung '97 said that "it's a support group for women of color, so you can deduce your own judgment as to the appropriateness of your being there." Chung is actively involved with the WRC and women's issues at Dartmouth. While Putta took these conversations with Munafo and Chung to mean that he was not allowed to go (Letter to the Editor, Nov.

'99s Face a Limited Social Scene

Thereare certain disadvantages to having a '99 for a brother. For me, one is that for three years I was the only del Pozo on campus and now I can no longer say "just blitz del Pozo." Also, for a second time my namesake will be attached to every painful, awkward gaffe made by a freshman.

Putting the 'Student' Back in SA

In the last year on the Student Assembly, I have argued about communist feminists, gay administrators and sexism in the meal plan. I have seen the president resign, members get up and walk out during session to force its premature end and have even had a midnight meeting in a smoke-filled room with leaders from all factions to negotiate the fate of the organization. I've got to admit intrigue and argument make for an amusing SA.

Fear of ethnocentrism did not cause Yale to reject gift

To the Editor: While Andrew Schader's column "Grants Should Not Be Forsaken" [Mar. 28, 1995] makes a good point, it is factually wrong in its major assumption: that Yale rejected the program and the money because of fear of ethnocentrism.

'Constituency by class year is a fallacious assumption'

To the Editor: The editorial board of The Dartmouth, in its effort to tell the community what changes the Student Assembly should enact, made a glaring though common mistake in suggesting that individual classes elect at-large members only from within their class in order to create a feeling of constituency. Distinction by class year is purely arbitrary, as individual classes do not have individual needs.

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