Andrew Grossman


Education is Not the Problem

To the editor: Justine Simon '06 ("The Other Side of the Story," Jan. 18) argues that "lack of access to education" is among "the conditions which lead to" Palestinian suicide bombings. However, according to a 2003 study by economist Alan Krueger, 57 percent of Palestinian suicide bombers have undertaken schooling beyond high school, compared to 15 percent of Palestinians in all.

A Racist Text

To the Editor: Ms. Hollie's Op-Ed on the racist backlash against Muslims ("What We Can Do," Nov.

Truth Behind Terms

To the Editor: Regarding Dan Rothfarb's "Martial Plan" (Oct. 18), "fascism" probably signifies the Italian Fascists for most, making Bush's remarks perhaps not redundant (German Nazis, Russian Communists, Italian Fascists). Of course, it would be more proper to say that one of these terms is a bit too specific: Nazism.

Serious Support

To the Editor: In response to the "Minus Green" (Letter to the Editor, Oct. 11), the protest of which I was a part on Monday was just that, and not a "counter-protest." Our goal was apart from simply countering the protestors who have been clustering on the corner beside the student center in recent weeks.

Calling All Smokers

I rolled eight cigarettes in my 10 o'clock economics class. As my professor babbled on about bar graphs (and misused "facile" for which I sic'd her in my notes), my attention was lost in a swirl of rich smoke.

Technical Difficulties

To the Editor: Of the several incidents noted in your article of May 2 "Past five years marred by hate crimes directed toward Asians," none were actually crimes. Similar incidents involving the Beta Theta Pi and Alpha Chi Alpha fraternities, while perhaps in poor taste or simply misunderstood, in no manner broke any law. Similarly, though David Berenson's "Bear Bones" comic strip offended several Asian students, Berenson is innocent of all criminal wrong-doing, at least so far as "Bear Bones" is concerned.

An Extended Metaphor

To the Editor: The time has come for change: we must capture the energy, the momentum, of last Friday's protests and direct it where it will do the most good.

The Hidden Menace

I write to applaud Senior Associate Dean of the College Dan Nelson's and his other committee members' new anti-hazing policy. Few on campus treat hazing with the gravity with which it must be met.

Alcohol Behavior

To the Editor: I applaud Professor Randy-Michael Testa's proposal that the College get "serious about reforming alcohol behavior" and remove fraternities' pong tables, post haste. Professor Testa may be unaware, however, that some students use dice, certain television shows, and other means to similar ends.

Strip for School Spirit

Avid readers of the Dartmouth may have noticed a pair of letters last week referring to an incident in which our own football team hired a stripper to entice a potential student.