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SA elects Pollock, Vashi

In its first meeting of the Summer term in the Collis Cafe last night, the Student Assembly filled is secretary and treasurer positions, in addition to making plans for upcoming summer projects. Dan Pollock '01, who said his best assets were his car and a good head for numbers, was elected treasurer.

Seniors are leaving in midst of Initiative debate

Being a Dartmouth College graduate has meant many things in the College's history. Familiar stereotypes, such as the hard-drinking all-males' school, or the exhausted "Animal House" comparison have been part of an evolving image of Dartmouth and her sons and daughters. And when the College changes, especially the kind of changes planned in the Trustees' Initiative, the image of a graduate of the College will change as well.

Incoming class undecided on initiatives

When she was accepted early as a member of the Class of 2003 at Dartmouth, Sara Yablon knew what she was expecting out of the College. She knew the good - the small school and community atmosphere was a pleasant contrast from the hubbub of New York City life, and she was impressed by the beauty of Dartmouth's campus. She also knew the bad - the stereotypes surrounding the drinking culture, the "party school" image her peers had formulated of the College. Yablon, a senior at Stuyvesant High School in New York City, was undeterred, and knew what she could expect. But now everything has changed. Yablon and other incoming freshmen followed the recent proposed changes in the College's social system as best they could through the media and through Dartmouth friends and family. However, for the most part, they are still in the dark as to what impact the new social changes will have on their College experience.

Record high number of minorities accepted

Despite the commotion over the small number of African-American students admitted via the early decision process, the Class of 2003's regular admissions are of a different stripe entirely, with the highest percentage of minorities ever admitted. The number of students admitted to the Class of 2003 comprised a record 35 percent minority students -- including 297 Asian Americans, 192 Latinos, 177 African-Americans, and 60 Native Americans, as well as 9 multiracial students.

Goodwin 'lived' with presidents

Doris Kearns Goodwin has lived with some of America's most influential leaders -- she has spent days with Presidents Lyndon Johnson, John F.