SA elects Pollock, Vashi

by Andrew Allport | 6/30/99 5:00am

In its first meeting of the Summer term in the Collis Cafe last night, the Student Assembly filled is secretary and treasurer positions, in addition to making plans for upcoming summer projects.

Dan Pollock '01, who said his best assets were his car and a good head for numbers, was elected treasurer. Pollock said he has no experience with the Assembly, but said he is committed to working with the Assembly during the summer.

Rachana Vashi '01 was elected to serve as secretary, a position she served on her high school's student senate. Vashi, who also said she was not very active in the College's Student Assembly, was elected over Emmett Hogan '01, Melissa Miranda '01 and Alison Wagner '01.

Chancellor Hill '01 was appointed to serve as the chair of the Assembly's Student Services, a branch of the Assembly which includes services such as Big Green Bikes and Mugshots.

The Assembly also discussed summer plans for a number of projects, most of them to improve the resources the Assembly provides in the fall, such as a student organizations handbook and a dining guide.

Some other ideas were an addition of pictures of each residence hall in the orientation package for the Class of 2003, and a survey of students' feelings on Dick's House.