Ana Bonnheim


Does Anti-War Equal Anti-Israel?

The anti-war movement is exponentially expanding throughout the country as President Bush and his administration bungles encounter after encounter with the global community.

Standing Up in Support

Today, much of the Dartmouth community -- 1,043 members, to be exact -- took a stand. Today, much of the Dartmouth community said that it believes in something beyond the Dartmouth campus, beyond concerns regarding social and extra-curricular life or the operating budget.

The Medical Malpractice Mess

Hospitals in West Virginia and Pennsylvania rang in a hearty New Year last Wednesday by transferring patients to hospitals as far as 90 miles away.

Your Vote is Your Voice

War with Iraq. North Korea's nukes. Suicide bombers in Israel and Bali. Hostages held in Moscow. Anti-American sentiment in Europe and the Middle East.

A Community of One

Over the past two weeks, Montgomery County Police Chief Charles A. Moose has been warning residents to take precautions at school, at work, at home and at every place in between.

In Theory

The modern university plays an enormous role in civil society. The existence of an institution devoted to intellectual pursuits is an inspiring testament to the power of humanity.

In Defense of Darryl Caterine

Katie Bell's May 10 article "Profs. allow students to set their own grades," presents professor Darryl Caterine's pedagogical methods in an inaccurate light. Ms. Bell suggests that Caterine is an unusual professor, because in his dissatisfaction with Dartmouth's grading system, he allows students to evaluate themselves.

Why Israel is Important

Violence rages on a small sliver of land in the Middle East. These days are trying, arguably crucial, for Israel's survival.