Amanda Chen


Lily Xu '18's favorite bequest is a vintage Ledyard Canoe Club jacket from the '90s handed to her by Conor Cathey '15.


Bequests: Threads of Legacy at Dartmouth

While well-known traditions such as running around the bonfire during Homecoming or participating in the polar bear plunge during Winter Carnival contribute significantly to Dartmouth’s legacy, smaller traditions such as bequests help shape the College’s legacy on a more personal level.  Bequests, which are items that are cyclically passed from a senior to an underclassman, typically within an organization, are usually clothing items, but they can be just about anything that the senior wishes to pass down.

Mark Hiatt works with student-athletes on building mental toughness. 


Athletics: A Workout for the Mind

We admire athletes for their physical strength, grace and agility, but what we often overlook is the mental strength that is reqired from athletes under high pressure situations.

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