Allison Caffrey


Students: STD testing discouraged

Although Dick's House offers all enrolled Dartmouth students testing for sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV, many who have requested to be tested this year allege that administrators at the health-care facility have encouraged them not to undergo some tests. Several students, who wished to remain anonymous for privacy reasons, told The Dartmouth that when they asked to be tested, the staff at Dick's House tried to talk them out of it.

Restrictions abound for logo users

While many students, parents and alumni spend countless amounts of money on official Dartmouth College apparel, few probably know the legal process that companies like Jansport and Pro-Line Cap Company go through to produce these products. Any company that wishes to use the Dartmouth name, logo or insignia must go through the office of the General Counsel, and more specifically, the trademark-licensing officer.

Amid business scandals, ex-con stresses caution

When Mark Morze spoke at Tuck Business School yesterday, he made it a point to show that when he teaches his business ethics class at Pepperdine University or gives one of his 80 annual lectures, his goal is not to talk people out of committing crimes or to scare MBAs and future business leaders about prison. Instead, his aim is to warn people that the worst thing that can happen is not necessarily to be involved in a fraud, but to be near a fraud, he said.

Campus mourns Wellstone

Many Dartmouth students, especially those from Minnesota, shared the nation's shock of the Friday morning plane crash that killed popular U.S.

New Ivy rule requires athlete rest

A recently-implemented Ivy League rule that requires at least 49 days of rest for varsity athletes during the off-season is drawing resistance from many athletes and coaches at Dartmouth. The rule states that athletes cannot be required to participate in any practices, competitions or training sessions for at least seven weeks during the off-season.

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