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April 19, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Local businesses plan for sales

While Dartmouth students and alums look forward to the Homecoming bonfire, football game and the festive celebration that tops all others, Hanover businesses gear up for increased sales and packed restaurants during their most profitable weekend of the year.

"There is definitely a noticeable increase in sales compared to a regular weekend," said Scott Hummel, floor manager at the Dartmouth Co-op, adding that most people attribute high sales to the immense volume of foot traffic on Main Street.

A few storeowners, however, say that their success depends on the weather. When it is nice and sunny out, more people are likely to be out walking around and making purchases than if the weather is not good, they said.

Fall foliage also tends to draw extra business.

"If Homecoming coincides with the prime leaf-peeping season, there will generally be even more people than usual out walking around," Hummel said.

Due to this year's later date, the crowds that typically come to Homecoming primarily for the autumn colors will be lost, according to Hummel. However, most shops still expect a busy weekend.

While all of the local shops expect at least a slight increase in sales, the restaurants and hotels expect to be packed. According to Christian Langley, a front desk associate at the Hanover Inn, all 92 rooms are booked and they have a current waiting list of about 60 people.

Langley said that the Inn starts taking reservations 18 months in advance and all the rooms are booked for Homecoming a few months after that.

"Typically we get the same alumni staying here for Homecoming weekend year after year," he added. Those who missed reservations this year can forget about next year as well -- the Inn is already full.

According to employees at Molly's Balloon restaurant, the mayhem starts on Thursday night and lasts all the way through Sunday afternoon. The same is true at other hot spots like Murphy's on the Green, all of whom promise some excellent lunch and dinner specials during Homecoming weekend.

All of the businesses contacted by The Dartmouth said that they didn't hike prices during Homecoming to increase profits -- on the contrary, they all offer sales and specials.

Many of the downtown Hanover store owners said that this is one of the best weekends of the year for customers to find great deals. There are already some great bargains out there, but all deals haven't come into effect yet, so keep looking -- they will be here soon.