Community members protest Jeff Sessions' resignation

November 8, 2018 10:54pm

As the sun set on Nov. 8, two American flags could be seen above a crowd gathered at the corner of Main Street and East Wheelock Street for a protest called “Nobody Is Above the Law — Mueller Protection Rapid Response.” Over 100 protestors assembled at 5 p.m.


Phnom Penh opens new location in White River Junction

November 8, 2018 10:46pm

On Monday, White River Junction witnessed an addition to its culinary diversity. Phnom Penh, the Cambodian restaurant that has been operating at 1 High Street, Lebanon for a year, opened a new location at 7 North Main Street in White River Junction.


The Pitch sees 10 applicants present their ideas

November 9, 2018 9:30pm

On Nov. 1, individuals from across campus gathered in Collis Common Ground to hear business ideas from students, faculty and staff in The Pitch, an entrepreneurship competition hosted by the DALI Lab and the Magnuson Center for Entrepreneurship.


Q&A with Collis favorite Ben Robbins

November 8, 2018 10:57pm

Ben Robbins is a beloved Dartmouth Dining Services employee at Collis Cafe. Best known for working at the pasta station, Robbins has also been working at the stir-fry station this term.


Study looks at giraffe populations

November 8, 2018 10:44pm

As a child, Michael Brown, a Dartmouth graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology, dreamed of becoming an animal. “I realized pretty early on that that’s not really a possibility,” Brown said.


Hanlon hosts anti-Semitism panel

November 7, 2018 9:05pm

There was standing room only in Paganucci Lounge as students, faculty and Dartmouth community members attended an anti-Semitism panel featuring College President Phil Hanlon. In response to the recent massacre at the Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh, Hanlon hosted the open community discussion on anti-Semitism and its history and dangers with fellow panelists Chabad Rabbi Moshe Gray and Jewish studies professor Susannah Heschel.

Dartmouth students reflect on their sense of safety after shooting

November 7, 2018 9:00pm

Following Friday night’s shooting on School Street, many Dartmouth students no longer feel safe in Hanover. Carlos Polanco ’21 said that for many who come from areas where gun violence is common, “Hanover was an escape from that.” He added that before Friday, he considered Hanover a “bubble of safety” and that Friday’s shooting “shattered” this idea and caused him to re-evaluate how he felt on campus. “For many people, [the shooting] was a wakeup call to the fact that Dartmouth is not an isolated bubble from the rest of the world,” Jennifer West ’20 said. Mariana Peñaloza ’22 said that she, too thought she left violence behind when she came to Dartmouth.


Researchers use the Bible to translate text

November 20, 2018 4:37pm

Dartmouth computer science researchers studying text translators recently turned to an unlikely source to gather data: the Bible. The purpose of the team’s research was to create a highly trained algorithm that can read text written in one style and re-write the text in a different style with the same meaning.


Rube Goldberg machine to be built in the Collis Center

November 4, 2018 7:56pm

By 2020, two design and engineering students hope to have made campus a little happier. Julia Huebner ’20 and Sophie Frey ’20 formed the Collis Wall Project earlier this term to build a piece of public art in the form of a Rube Goldberg machine — a device that performs a simple task through a chain reaction —in the Collis Center by June of 2020.


United Way campaign begins

November 1, 2018 11:11pm

Every year toward the end of fall term, the Lone Pine becomes the Giving Tree. Dartmouth’s annual fundraising campaign to support the Granite United Way began on Oct.