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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Sphinx building vandalized

Inflammatory graffiti was discovered on the Sphinx’s building on East Wheelock Street today.


Courtesy of Arizbeth Rojas '25

Graffiti was discovered on the Sphinx building — known colloquially as “the Tomb,” according to past reporting by The Dartmouth — today. The all-male group, located on East Wheelock Street, is Dartmouth’s oldest senior society. The Dartmouth has not yet confirmed the perpetrators nor the date of the incident. 

The graffiti ranges in messaging. Examples include “All Lives Matter,” “Free Epstein,” “Free P. Diddy,” “Israel,” “Trump Pussy,” “Island Pipe Line” and “Honk Honk” next to an image of breasts. Vandalization included other lewd images, such as several penis drawings.

In an email statement to The Dartmouth, Safety and Security director Keiselim Montás wrote that the Sphinx building is not owned by the College, so the vandalism investigation falls under the purview of the Hanover Police department. 

Hanover Police captain James Martin said the investigation into the vandalism is “pending.”

“At this point, the Hanover Police department does not have any leads to follow up on,” he said. “It is our understanding that there was a light coating of chalk [on the Sphinx] that was easily removed and there was no actual monetary damage done to the Sphinx.”

Martin added that the Police Department does not have a suspect at this time.

Update Appended (April 10, 10:22 p.m.): The article has been updated to include statements from Safety and Security director Keiselim Montás and Hanover Police department captain James Martin.

The College does not have a comment at this time.