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Focus Should Be On Sexual Assault, Not the Greek System

(05/22/97 9:00am)

For the past two weeks, anonymous posters and chalk graffiti have highlighted the issue of sexual assault and alleged that Greek houses degrade women and protect rapists. If the students responsible intended to engender dialogue about sexual assault, their intent has miscarried. By targeting the Greek system, they have obscured an issue that merits serious discussion.

DDS Referendum: Vote for Option Two

(04/22/97 9:00am)

After years of being ignored, students finally have a voice in the future of Dartmouth Dining Services. College Treasurer Lyn Hutton has said that the administration will honor the majority opinion expressed in a DDS referendum, which will be held today through Thursday on the World Wide Web. Students can and should stop the proposed non-refundable $800 meal plan, which would unfairly force unwilling students to patronize DDS establishments.

Dartmouth Up All Night: Let's Do It Again

(04/15/97 9:00am)

Dartmouth Up All Night, held last Friday night through Saturday morning in the Collis Center, epitomized what the phrase "alternative social option" should mean. Collis was packed with more than 1,000 people singing, dancing, watching movies, playing pool, Nintendo, mahjong, and doing myriad other activities. The event was groundbreaking because those in attendance truly represented Dartmouth's diversity, and a good time was had by all.

DDS Hemorrhages Because it Ignores Students

(04/02/97 10:00am)

A non-refundable $800 meal plan is unfair, unaffordable and inexcusable, and students should be up in arms against the proposal. Director of Dartmouth Dining Services Pete Napolitano has stated that DDS may require all students to pay a minimum of $800 per term to maintain quality and service. What other business has the luxury of forcing people to be their customers (DarTalk?)? In the real world, quality and service are incentive enough to attract customers. The DDS plan is extortion.

College Should Answer Student Assembly's Challenges

(02/05/97 11:00am)

The Student Assembly recently passed two resolutions calling for the College's administrators and Board of Trustees to give students more input in decision-making. The Assembly has challenged the College to match its $8,500 contribution toward updating the Kresge weight room and demanded that students be given the right to vote in the election of Trustees. The College should answer both challenges.