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If Reality TV Shows Came To Hanover

(10/14/14 3:00pm)

This past week has felt like a terrible dream: no sleep, too much work and a constant fight against a stupid cold. Most logical human beings would stay inand catch up on that mythical thing I call “sleep,” but then again I am a college student and we as a breed are living, breathing contradictions. We enjoy calling our parents at midnight before a test to tear up about all the work we have so they can comfort us, only to seamlessly transition to dancing on tables the very next night. I think as a breed we are losing our short-term memory.

New Single Shows 18's Cluster Pride

(08/05/14 8:29pm)

Marcus Reid '18 — perhaps better known by his rap name "Ill Fayze" — might have just dropped the most fire single of 14F one month before freshman trips. The McLaughlin Anthem is as much an ode to Byrne, Berry, Bildner and Rauner as it is a diss track to all the other clusters. It's clear he's still working on Dartspeak — he's excited he won't have to live in the "coats" cluster — but it's just as clear he can't wait to get on campus, where his "room's got drank and space." Find his soundcloud here, or follow him on Twitter at @MarcusCantReid1.

#Captured: 10 Classic Summer Instagram Photos

(07/28/14 7:00pm)

As any upperclassmen will tell you, sophomore summer is full of unforgettable experiences. Just to make sure you never forget any of those moments, it’s important to document as many of them as possible. But with so many great “iPhone camera” moments (forget Kodak, it’s 2014), how can you possibly pick just one to feature on your aesthetically pleasing, extremely-thought-out Instagram page? Answer: you can’t. Instagram all of them.

Tube Talk: Best Moments of the Oscars

(03/07/14 8:00am)

Whether you tuned in on Sunday night or not, the 86th Academy Awards ceremony brought the best of Hollywood together for millions of viewers. Second-time host Ellen DeGeneres proved even more popular this time around, except maybe with Liza Minnelli (although their selfie would say otherwise). Many celebs showed their mastery of the selfie and the photobomb, proving they really are jacks-of-all-trades. I won’t give away too much but read Dartbeat’s round-up of the best moments of this year’s awards, so you can at least pretend you watched the whole 216-minute show.

Tube Talk: Why We’re All Part of the Dunphy-Pritchett Family

(02/05/14 1:30pm)

Every so often, a show comes around that is really able to captivate an audience. Sure, drama is exciting and mysteries are thrilling but at the end of the day, these are the shows that are relatable. “Modern Family” has been one of these shows since it began airing in 2009. We’ve all recognized a little bit of ourselves in every single episode. So whether you have yet to discover the wonder of this award-winning series or you just want a little extra Phil Dunphy in your life (don’t we all?), remember that we all have a little crazy inside...or a lot.

Tube Talk: Downton's Best from Season Four Downstairs

(01/22/14 11:00am)

Our beloved early 20th century British drama is back, and the first few episodes from season four have given everyone a lot to think about. Chaos has affected both upstairs and down, but the downstairs group has given us hope despite the darkness. So whether you’ve started to question your relationship with “Downton Abbey” or you’re more wrapped up than ever, take a moment to leave behind some of the craziness, and look at this season’s best downstairs moments we’ve seen so far.

Tube Talk: Winter TV Preview

(01/08/14 2:00pm)

Over the six-week winter break, you probably had ample time to finally catch up on all the shows you wanted to watch. But now you’re left with a feeling of astounding loneliness; the drama, vampires and laughs that filled your days on Hulu and Netflix are gone. A-ha! Not so fast. The winter season of TV shows is already underway, bringing back some of your very best friends and some new faces to a computer screen near you (probably right in front of you, actually)! Here on Dartbeat we’ve rounded up the premieres you can’t miss and those that might be as disappointing as KAF closing early.

National Geographic’s Hamlin ’82 holds workshop, shows latest film

(10/23/13 8:00am)

A herd of zebra storm across the landscape, a bird jumps out of the water into flight in slow motion, thousands of monarch butterflies lift off into the air. If you have watched a National Geographic production, these scenes are likely to sound familiar. David Hamlin ’82 is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker and producer of these National Geographic films.

Tube Talk: Fall Premiere Guide, The Marathon Begins

(09/24/13 12:00pm)

This week is the biggest set of premieres for television this season with nearly 40 shows airing. In order to survive this week, it’s crucial to narrow down your list of shows to watch. This proves to be a difficult task, but Tube Talk has rounded up some of the most noteworthy series for which you should be sure to tune in. Prepare your mind for the challenges that lie ahead in this week, and remember that there is always Hulu.