New Single Shows 18's Cluster Pride

By Chris Leech, The Dartmouth Staff | 8/5/14 4:29pm

Marcus Reid '18 — perhaps better known by his rap name "Ill Fayze" — might have just dropped the most fire single of 14F one month before freshman trips. The McLaughlin Anthem is as much an ode to Byrne, Berry, Bildner and Rauner as it is a diss track to all the other clusters. It's clear he's still working on Dartspeak — he's excited he won't have to live in the "coats" cluster — but it's just as clear he can't wait to get on campus, where his "room's got drank and space." Find his soundcloud here, or follow him on Twitter at @MarcusCantReid1.

McLaughlin Anthem (#Dartmouth18s)

Chris Leech, The Dartmouth Staff