#Captured: 10 Classic Summer Instagram Photos

By Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff | 7/28/14 3:00pm

As any upperclassmen will tell you, sophomore summer is full of unforgettable experiences. Just to make sure you never forget any of those moments, it’s important to document as many of them as possible. But with so many great “iPhone camera” moments (forget Kodak, it’s 2014), how can you possibly pick just one to feature on your aesthetically pleasing, extremely-thought-out Instagram page? Answer: you can’t. Instagram all of them.


The Bucket List Photo

Whether it’s jumping off the giant rope swing by Gilman Island or sharing an enormous Vermonster from Ben and Jerry’s, some things were just meant for sophomore summer. If you don’t document these moments, how will people know you’re actually accomplishing things? #14XItOffTheList


The Farmer’s Market Photo

On Wednesdays, we buy flowers. And crepes. And kettle corn. And various types of cheese. And weird vegetables I’ve never heard of before, but hey, it makes for a good picture. #FavoriteDayOfTheWeek


The “Summer School” Photo

Some relatives and high school friends just can’t seem to grasp the concept of taking classes during the summer. This picture of you having a grand ol’ time is to make sure people know it’s not all about the academics. “Ivy League was just too hard, huh? Had to go to summer school for a little bit? That’s totally okay, sweetie, we were expecting this.” “NO, GRANDMA, CHECK MY INSTAGRAM. IT’S ALL THERE.” #CampDartmouth


The Major Metropolitan Area Photo

Boston, New York, Montreal – your road trip has yielded some awesome photos, which obviously need filters added to them. #CityLife


The Jumping Off Of Things Photo

If you haven’t made it to the Ledges or the Copper Mines yet, check out your friends’ pictures. You’ll want to go immediately, if only to snap that perfect look-at-me-falling-through-the-air pic. Especially with the gorgeous colors of the Copper Mines – but be careful. I hear the water composition isn’t so friendly. #YOSSO


The Food Photo

Delicious noms are no stranger to anyone’s Instagram feed, but with so many people living off-campus this term, there’s a much greater chance that your friends’ home-cooked humble-brags will be popping up on all sorts of social media. #IMadeThis


The Friends From Home Photo

Remember those friends you had in high school? You cheated them of getting to see you by deciding you had to stay at Dartmouth this summer, so they’re getting back at you by driving up and taking over your room. By the end of their visit, they’ll be insanely jealous of this so-called sophomore summer and beg you to take a picture on the Green with them. #NeverLeave


The Nature Photo

See Mom? Didn’t I tell you New Hampshire was beautiful? They don’t call us the Big Green for nothin’. Here, check out these pictures I took from my last hiking trip. And here I am with a flower crown. No, mom, I’m not a hippie. Just #Outdoorsy


The Family Weekend Photo

Look at how cute your family is! They’re even cuter in “valencia.” Now you just want them to come back so you can continue to stay in their nice, air-conditioned hotel room and go to Simon Pierce. #LoveTheFam


The Throwback Photo

#Tbt to when it was the beginning of sophomore summer and not Week 7. Wah.

Katie Hake, The Dartmouth Staff