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Reliving Dartmouth past

(02/22/17 7:20am)

During First-Year Trips, like most Dartmouth students, I wrote myself a letter. Unlike many of my peers, I wrote this letter quite seriously, pouring my soul out to my future self who would receive it six months from then. The letter is imbued with a sense of excitement and fear and hope; I was about to begin becoming my Dartmouth self, not my high school self. As I watched my trip leaders, I was so sure that by senior year, I would be as confident as they were, as settled in the community.

Caring for other brings benefits

(02/15/17 7:10am)

For most Dartmouth students, Valentine’s Day elicits images of heart-shaped chocolates and cozy dinners at Pine. However, if Valentine’s Day is a day to care for others, then caring for others involves much more than just CVS cards and red roses. One way that Dartmouth students care for others is by volunteering with organizations that do outreach in the Upper Valley. By giving their time to these organizations, Dartmouth students give back to others, while fulfilling themselves.

Investigating the Dartmouth Seven

(02/15/17 7:15am)

Out of all the time-honored campus traditions, the “Dartmouth Seven” holds the prize as one of the most controversial and talked about amongst students and alums alike. In case you’re not familiar with the infamous tradition, the “Dartmouth Seven” is a list of seven places on campus to engage in sexual activity: the Green, the top of the Hopkins Center, the library stacks, the steps in front of Dartmouth Hall, the President’s lawn, the BEMA and the 50-yard line of the football field. A small number of students actually complete the list, but the possibility of being caught doesn’t deter many couples from making an attempt. The challenge is one of those Dartmouth-isms that make our student body seem much more risqué and wild than most of us actually are.

You should go and love yourself

(02/15/17 7:10am)

When Week 7 has got you down, what do you do? Some wrap themselves in blankets and binge-watch the next season of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and others head out to the nearest party down frat row. From reading to bodybuilding, Dartmouth students discussed how they relieve the stress of college life by caring for themselves.

Letting their voices be heard

(02/15/17 7:30am)

V-February is Dartmouth’s month-long initiative to educate the community about issues related to gender and sexuality, including violence against females, in the month of February. Two of the main events that take place during V-Feb, Voices and Upstaging Stereotypes, are student-written performances that focus on the many complex experiences of femininity and masculinity, respectively, at Dartmouth. The Mirror sat down with a group of students to learn more about the work that goes into creating those performances. Paulina Calcaterra ’19 is the director of Voices; Breanna McHugh ’17 wrote and will perform a piece for Voices; Maanav Jalan ’19 is co-directing Upstaging Stereotypes; and Hannah Solomon ’17 and Jessica King Fredel ’17 are on the directing team for all performances, in addition to working as OPAL student coordinators.

Women of color bring magic to campus

(02/08/17 7:15am)

During her sophomore year, Tsion Abera ’17 grew frustrated by the lack of hair care for black women around campus. She resorted to watching YouTube videos on how to style and take care of her hair in such dry weather. She, along with her “mentee” Alex Adams ’18, started using her dorm to provide a space with self-care resources for black women. Eventually, the room started filling up, and Abera’s wallet started to suffer — so she founded Black Girls Are Magic, an organization that recognizes and caters to the needs of black women in the Dartmouth community.

The future is in your hands

(02/08/17 7:20am)

Just for a second, take yourself back to the elementary school playground. Do you remember how easy it was to be a psychic when you were a child? By folding a sheet of a blank paper, labeling sections with colors and numbers and choosing your own messages to put beneath the flaps, you became a fortune teller on the playground. Perhaps you believed it was fate when your friend played the game and the message revealed, “A boy in your class likes you,” became true later in the day. And while your fortunes were not always accurate, you continued to play for the thrilling possibility that you could tell the future.

Trail magic

(02/08/17 7:25am)

The Appalachian Trail, commonly called the A.T., is an arduous trek spanning over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine. As thru-hikers slowly approach their final destination, which can easily take five to seven months for those completing the entire trail, they are likely to come across unsolicited acts of kindness. Sometimes, these come in the form of a cooler left on the trail with free drinks and snacks inside. Other times, locals may set up grills and tents so thru-hikers can eat and sleep for free.

Guo: Knights on planet Dart

(01/31/17 7:10am)

The day Dhruv and I created “Geo fun with Dhruv” was the day we sat next to each other in geosystems class during senior year of high school, terribly bored, having just finished a lab assignment that was supposed to teach us about wind patterns or rock formations. Four years later, I can’t even tell you which way the water is supposed to swirl when you flush in the Northern Hemisphere.

The art of pong

(02/01/17 7:20am)

Step into the basement of a fraternity or sorority, and more often than not, you’ll find pong tables. Dartmouth beer pong is a game which uses handle-less paddles and plant-inspired cup formations, distinguishing it from the “Beirut” of other college campuses. If you take a close look at the tables themselves, you’ll see that each one is outfitted with a custom paint job reflecting the culture of its house. The Dartmouth spoke to members of different Greek houses to learn more about this artistic tradition.

Collis trivia by the minute!

(02/01/17 7:05am)

In the interest of finding out a bit more about one of the games offered on campus, I decided to gather up a group of friends to participate in Collis’ Tuesday Night Trivia. This pub-style trivia is offered every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. The game consists of five rounds, each focused on a certain topic, with eight questions per round. The organizers try to make topics timely, drawing inspiration for categories from upcoming holidays and recent events like award shows. First, second and third place teams win gift cards to local businesses for each member, and pizza is available for all players.

Battle of the funnies with Dog Day and Casual Thursday

(01/25/17 7:25am)

While you may have seen Dartmouth’s two improv groups, Dog Day Players or Casual Thursday, perform at a fraternity or campus event, you have not seen them like this before. With constant laughs in between, Dog Day members Walker Schneider ’19, Andres Smith ’17 and Brooke Bazarian ’20 sat down with Casual Thursday members Lily Eisner ’18 and Simon Ellis ’20 to discuss the differences between the groups and their shared love of improv.