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March Madness at Dartmouth

(03/29/17 6:02am)

Dartmouth’s men’s basketball team has not appeared in the NCAA Tournament since 1959, and it seems unlikely that it will do so in the near future. However, that does not stop numerous students at the College from joining the March Madness craze. What drives students to spend countless hours doing research, watching basketball games on television and debating opinions with friends? It’s all in the “madness.”

Balancing acts: students juggle jobs and academics

(03/08/17 7:10am)

It’s no secret that college life is pricey. On top of costs for tuition, housing and meal plans, students must also consider the fees associated with textbooks, clubs, sports, Greek life and medical services — and more. For students looking to make some money over the course of the term, there is a wide variety of jobs on campus, and students are very likely to find a job that fits both their interests and schedule. The Mirror interviewed several students to learn about their experiences working on campus.

Wien: Crystal bridges

(03/07/17 7:05am)

Vox clamantis in deserto. I thought about writing of how much sleep I got this week with my roommates away. I dared to imagine what living without them would do for my health. How many lost hours of sleep would be recovered? But I remembered joy, which I say (romantically, naively) cannot be quantified (I remember cortisol and serotonin and hold back). I dismiss the idea.

The Origin of Vox Clamantis in Deserto

(03/07/17 7:20am)

Imagine for a moment that you are walking down Webster Avenue in short sleeves after losing a fracket that you could have sworn had been tied to six others. You are awaiting the warmth of Novack, which you will duck into for respite on your journey home. Maybe the shorts you wore for the beach-themed party were not the best decision you have ever made. You think, “Vox clamantis in deserto” or, in English, “a voice crying out in the wilderness.” Why did you ever fall in love with a college in the frigid woods? Your college counselor must have forgotten to mention that New Hampshire winters may be beautiful, but they are not for the faint of heart … or the fracket-less. The school motto, you think, is surely designed to describe this very moment. You do not know who penned such a phrase for the sweatshirts you have seen around campus, but surely it must have been on the long journey from Collis to Chi Heorot.

Beyond the Dartmouth Stereotype

(03/07/17 7:10am)

Dartmouth students are known for having prep in their step. It is no secret that the College is known as one of the preppiest of Ivy League schools. Stereotypes of Dartmouth students generally depict a sporty and attractive econ major wearing Sperry topsiders or L.L. Bean boots, depending on the season. Campus attire can seem like an amalgamation of green varsity sports attire and Greek organization gear. Then again, this is only a stereotype, and students often defy the norm.

Forbidden fruit

(03/01/17 7:15am)

If you’ve ever been in a position of power, you know that getting people to follow the rules is a complicated and often elusive pursuit. On one hand, rules are necessary to keep people in line. On the other hand, rules can backfire. Too many rules might cause people to feel repressed and rebel; furthermore, strictly forbidding something seems to only make people want it more. So, what’s the deal? Do we need more rules or fewer? Should we take the Prohibition era of the 1920s as a warning against the threat of excessively tight control, or should we tighten the reigns to get people to comply?

Guo: "100 nights" before graduation

(02/22/17 7:15am)

We drive along the Hudson River, having already said goodbye to the privacy of a house rented by eight West Point “firsties” for the weekend. My friend, Eric, is behind the wheel of his grandfather’s Thunderbird, and I sit in the passenger seat — the only other seat in the car. It’s the perfect day to celebrate “100th Night,” with temperatures soaring above 40 degrees and wispy cirrus clouds accentuating the blueness of the sky.

Editor's Note

(02/22/17 7:00am)

We talk a lot about the quintessential Dartmouth “rites of passage” throughout this issue, like staying up all night to eat Lou’s, swimming across the river naked or jumping in freezing water over Carnival. For us, our Dartmouth experience has been punctuated by a long string of smaller moments — moments that surprised us, made us cry, made us fall in love with this place and its people.