Editors' Note

This week in mirror, we take a moment to reflect after an incredibly difficult week for the Dartmouth community.

by Novi Zhukovsky and Caris White | 5/27/21 2:00am

by Lila Hovey / The Dartmouth Staff

I think we can all agree that this week has been an exceptionally hard one for Dartmouth. In a year that has been filled with ups and downs, this moment in time feels especially low. As our community continues to grieve, we hope that this week’s issue provides a little bit of everything, from reflection to distraction.

This week at Mirror, one senior reflects on a challenging moment that ultimately led to growth, while another writer dives into Dartmouth’s eerie history of ghost stories. We discuss the general reluctance of students to pursue riskier creative career options, and we also explore the decisions of ’21s who have chosen to delay their graduation timelines.

In a time where it feels like many things are uncertain, this week’s Mirror leans into the grey areas, whether they are sites of paranormal activity or unconventional employment paths. Regardless of where this week has left you and where the next leads, we hope this provides a moment of reflection along the way.

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