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February 24, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Mirror Asks: Spring Edition

Mirror writers share their spring term hopes, expectations, must-dos and more!

mirror asks 2.jpg

What was on your spring term bucket list?

Arielle Feuerstein ’24: I've wanted to go swimming in Mink Brook for a while, and I tried a few weeks ago when it was warmer outside. The water was still too cold to really swim, but I got to dip my feet in!

Eliza Helmers ’22: Spending time with all of my friends!

Street Roberts ’24: Go swimming in the river, climb Mount Cardigan, join some new clubs.

Mia Seymour ’23: To finally hike Gile (I have yet to do it, though). 

Omala Snyder ’24: Doing as many things outdoors as I can.

Caris White ’23: Jump in the river, learn how to blade, go on a hike, relearn how to play tennis.

Brian Zheng ’24: Get vaccinated.

Favorite part of Dartmouth spring?

AF: It feels like campus is much livelier than past terms, and I love the energetic atmosphere.

EH: Seeing things slowly start to open up again!

SR: Playing ultimate frisbee and pick-up soccer.

MS: The buzz and life on the green when it hits above 50 degrees!

OS: Hanging out on the Green with friends and swimming in the river.

CW: Ice Cream Fore-U reopening.

BZ: In-person a cappella rehearsals (masked and socially-distanced, of course)!

Favorite lawn activity on the Green?

AF: I really enjoy just lying on the grass and reading a book.

EH: I honestly just like sitting with friends on the Green for hours doing nothing, just enjoying the sun.

SR: Spikeball.

MS: Picnicking and “working.”

OS: Napping and reading.

CW: Spikeball!! 

BZ: Spikeball.

Did spring term differ from your expectations?

AF: Spring term definitely exceeded my expectations! It has been so nice to be able to spend time outside with friends.

EH: I tried to have zero expectations coming into this term. I think this past year has taught me that we really have no idea what's going to happen.

SR: It’s a lot looser in regulations than I thought it would be! Also the weather has been a little wack, but I kind of expected that!

MS: I was pleasantly surprised to see so much life and activity on campus.

OS: Yes — it snowed way too many times!

CW: Honestly, it has exceeded them. After winter, all I wanted was more social time, and I feel like I’ve definitely gotten that!

BZ: I think that it has gone better than I expected — the campus is vibrant with energy, and I'm looking forward to the end of the term.

What are your hopes for the upcoming academic year?

AF: I hope we can have in-person classes. I am so excited about the prospect of safely sitting in a room with other people.

EH: I just want to have fun and spend time with all my friends!

SR: I hope to figure out what I want to do for the next three years (majors, clubs, etc.)!

MS: I hope that with vaccinations and low COVID-19 rates, the College continues to re-open more and more.

OS: That things go back to normal as more people get vaccinated.

CW: A return to fully in-person classes! I miss walking to class and being face to face with my professors and classmates.

BZ: I'm hoping to actually get to spend time in the academic buildings, like Rocky.