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Perez: The Art of the Exit

(10/29/15 11:30pm)

Two weeks ago, Democratic presidential candidates gathered in Las Vegas to hash out their differences and debate the facts. The Oct. 13 debate and its aftermath, however, did little to shake up the field. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton still seems to be the token nominee, despite claims that she had begun to “feel the Bern” on the campaign trail. On his end, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders seems to have conceded at the CNN-hosted debate. Sanders came to Clinton’s aid when asked about her personal emails and forfeited a great deal of leverage in doing so.

United States of Halloween

(10/29/15 11:16pm)

Children amble around, clad in costumes resembling pumpkins, angels and superheroes, lugging enormous pillowcases or orange plastic bins filled to the brim with candy. Elsewhere, older adolescents and adults host costume parties where they play spooky music and serve drinks called “The Vampire’s Kiss” and “Witch’s Brew.” Others watch movies like “Halloweentown” (1998) and “Harry Potter” while munching on candy corn.

Ghosts Galore

(10/29/15 11:15pm)

It’s just after sunset as I walk down an alleyway in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, trying to make out the numbers on the buildings I pass. After double-checking my ticket for the right address, I join a group of people standing outside a building with a sign that reads “Deadwick’s Ethereal Emporium.” Glancing around, I’m getting a very touristy vibe from the group. I’m clearly the youngest, except for two pre-teen girls who stand with their mom clutching Starbucks cups between their mittened hands. I take a moment to wonder why I didn’t get Starbucks first. That was the move. With the sun down, it’s getting cold fast, and I’m wondering how much longer we’ll have to wait. I turn to a nice-looking elderly couple on my right.

Sexy Costumes Strike Back

(10/29/15 11:15pm)

Since the very first Halloween, people around the globe have always found ways to sexify everyday costumes — nurse, cat, witch, what have you. With a snip, snip here and a snip, snip there, that playful pumpkin becomes one steamy gourd. Others can’t help but shout, “Give me a load of that seed!” For the people and animals these sensual costumes imitate, however, Halloween can truly be a scary time. Here to talk about it are the costumes themselves.

Through the Looking Glass: Making Friends with the D-Plan

(10/29/15 11:10pm)

For ’16s, this is the first time we’re all — more or less — on campus together since the 2012-2013 school year. My first night back this fall, fresh off the Dartmouth Coach and still lugging my duffels, I had dinner at Molly’s to celebrate a friend’s birthday. As a closet socially anxious person, this was the perfect way to start the term. I maybe not-so-secretly have the constant niggling worry that nobody likes me, and I should just go eat some worms. So having plans for a social gathering the minute I got here was comforting. After three years, I feel like I have networks — plural — of people to turn to and be with, and that’s a beautiful thing. Surprisingly, though, it’s not togetherness that’s fueled my happiness — it’s separation. It’s the D-Plan.

Football prepares for massive showdown with Harvard

(10/29/15 11:01pm)

Three hundred and sixty three days ago, Dartmouth was in a situation very similar to the one it faces today. Playing against another in-conference undefeated team and its biggest rival, the Big Green faltered, however, and lost its grip on a potential Ivy League crown. One year later, the annual clash against Harvard University has arrived once again, though the stakes are even higher. In the most anticipated matchup of the conference season, the No. 22 Big Green (6-0, 3-0 Ivy) will seek to accomplish what it’s done only once in the last 18 years: defeat Harvard (6-0, 3-0 Ivy) — currently ranked 15th — and take the most pivotal step toward claiming its first Ivy title since 1996.

Shoot for It: With John Beneville ’16 and Alex Lee ’16

(10/29/15 11:01pm)

LeBron James returned to the court for the first time since his loss in the National Basketball Association Finals last June. It was hard to know what to expect from James, but it was immediately apparent that he slimmed down in the off-season. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost a close one to the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday by a score of 97-95, with James getting blocked by Pau Gasol in the closing seconds and failing to catch an inbound pass before time expired. There were several story lines from this game, especially with Derrick Rose back in action and Gasol’s success, but none are bigger than LeBron James. In this week’s “Shoot For It” column, we will be talking about James’ performance and what we expect from him this year.