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Top 5 Things We Miss About Freshman Fall

(11/09/12 4:00am)

Freshman pregames and an uncanny, and yet unfortunately short-lived, ability to guzzle $5 vodka from plastic bottles. Getting care packages from our parents. Fun fact: Priya once received a care package filled entirely with almonds and socks. Doing readings on time, going to office hours and just generally caring about classes. Bonus points for sitting in the first three rows of a gigantic lecture hall... and for even showing up at all. Being horrifically bad at pong, when it was kind of funny and excusable and you're not an embarrassment to your fraternity (hi, Jay). Having a UGA to host floor meetings, make BFAB and be our part-time therapist and/or life planner.

Take Me Back to Freshman Fall

(11/09/12 4:00am)

From academics and extracurricular activities to dining preferences and exercise options (if any at all), Dartmouth students tend to be extremely divided in their interests. Once upon a time, however, these camps all started off as one colossal 'shmob of all 'shmobs a time when we made daily pilgrimages to FoCo with the entire Choates cluster, pregamed practically every event except classes (and maybe even a couple of those, too) and introduced and reintroduced ourselves to every other person we met. You know what I'm talking about: freshman fall.

A Letter to My Freshman Fall Self: Reese

(11/09/12 4:00am)

I don't really know how to write this letter. I would like to think that is because there is nothing I'd change about my last three years at Darmouth, but it is probably more that I'm not ready to admit the things that I really messed up. I asked some friends, got some ideas about what to take back, do over and try again, but I still think that without every single mistake I made, I wouldn't have arrived at some sort of satisfaction.

One Term Later...

(11/09/12 4:00am)

Ah, freshman fall. Oh, to be that young and naive! Now that I am nearly finished with the first term of my college experience, I feel I can finally look back on these long gone months with nostalgia and clarity. Much like Yoda, I have attained a kind of wisdom that only comes with age and good looks. True, it's only been nine weeks, but I think I am at least a little older and wiser.

Expectations versus Reality

(11/09/12 4:00am)

The days leading up to your first days at college can be either your most stressful or your most exhilarating. There are various reasons people choose Dartmouth, but in most cases picking a college comes from a gut feeling rather than thorough knowledge of the school. Freshman fall is a test both of the College and of yourself. We hold Dartmouth to certain expectations, and it can either fall short of these or prove better than ever imagined.

Through the Looking Glass: Frame of Reference

(11/09/12 4:00am)

A few weeks ago, Trinity College passed measures to permanently and significantly alter its Greek system. Every Greek house participating in 2013 spring rush will be required to admit enough women or men to change the house demographic to at least 20 percent of each sex. By 2020, this percentage must be 45. If by fall 2013 any house has failed to reach the preliminary goal, it will be kicked off campus, facing the loss of its house and its school charter. I'm not writing this as member of the Dartmouth Greek Leadership Council, or even as a student who fears the imminent loss of our Greek system, but rather as a girl who used to go to those soon to be coed or nonexistent Trinity fraternities and sororities.

The Dartmouth Bucket List

(11/09/12 4:00am)

If nothing else, this week I may prove how little shame I have left or, to spin it positively, the lengths to which I will go for this column. And, because it's Priya and Casey's last issue, I'd like to give a shout-out to all of their hard work over the past three terms on The Mirror, as well as a special thank you to Priya and fellow columnist Kate my Bucket List partners in crime for joining me on my most recent mission. In honor of this week's freshman fall theme, I decided to travel back in time to a place where few self-respecting seniors have gone before the freshman pregame.

What Dartmouth Freshmen Think They Know

(11/09/12 4:00am)

Most of you had no idea, although some of you got pretty close when you called it "a journal reflecting upon things" and "a newspaper". You're right, we should be a newspaper in ourselves because we're that awesome, and good for you for realizing that calling it "The Mirror" hints on some sort of reflection it may or may not have taken us three terms to figure that one out. But also, why are you answering this survey if you don't even know where your information is going? Whatever, we're happy that this campus is so trusting. Or maybe you saw the survey and were just dying to know the answers to these mysterious questions. Either way, we're happy you could bear with us.

Letter from the Editors

(11/09/12 4:00am)

Freshman fall is by far the most unique term you will ever have at Dartmouth. You enter this totally new place knowing practically nothing, and you are expected to start from scratch. Academics, friends, activities essentially nothing is familiar unless you went to Phillips Exeter, in which case you came here knowing 3 percent of the incoming class. Ask most Dartmouth students what they thought about freshman fall, and you will receive some mixed reviews. For some, this term was when they met their best friends and joined the activities that still mean the most to them today. For others, Dartmouth was a big adjustment, and freshman fall was one of their more miserable terms. Unfortunately, Priya's arrival at Dartmouth coincided with her discovery of both "The Office" and Dan Brown novels, and thus she spent the majority of her freshman fall in her dorm. For Casey, freshman fall was pretty much a hypothermic blur of intro level classes, aggressive pregames in the Choates and constant sleep deprivation. This issue of The Mirror also marks the end of our tenure as editors (or "reign of terror," as Casey likes to call it), so we deemed it highly appropriate to get super reflective (again). On a final note, it has recently come to our attention that people tend to find our editors' notes and pictures "totally weird" and "bizarre." To that, we will echo one particular sentiment expressed by Gardner and Kate in their column this week: haters gon' hate. Mirror editors out.

All Put Together: Carinna's Current Obsessions

(11/08/12 11:00am)

My current obsessions: The Pinch and a Kiss necklace embody three things: playful, simple, and my inner childhood. This adorable necklace reminds me of my childhood obsession with Peter Pan. Who am I kidding? I still love Peter Pan. It’s your perfect go-to necklace, especially when you wake up fifteen minutes before drill but you still want to look put-together. The necklace may seem like a bit of a splurge for being so simple, but Love. Nail. Tree products are high quality and almost all of them are unique. So be aware that it will be different from the actual picture when it arrives to your Hinman box. This mini-mani set is at the top of my wish list. I am obsessed with this set! Aren’t those bows cute? This set has a great variety of colors, so you can use it all year round, making it a great investment for your nail polish collection. Your friends will also appreciate it when you bring it to your next bonding sesh. Mint green has probably been my favorite color for the past three seasons. Designers have been using this color since the spring, and you probably will see it for the next few seasons, as well. This sweater will be a great addition for your color collection. And it will be perfect when you want to add a little bit of life to your outfit. Seriously. With this gloomy weather and terrifying finals period, I need to have a little bit of color.