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The Dartmouth
May 20, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Letter from the Editors

Freshman fall is by far the most unique term you will ever have at Dartmouth. You enter this totally new place knowing practically nothing, and you are expected to start from scratch. Academics, friends, activities essentially nothing is familiar unless you went to Phillips Exeter, in which case you came here knowing 3 percent of the incoming class. Ask most Dartmouth students what they thought about freshman fall, and you will receive some mixed reviews. For some, this term was when they met their best friends and joined the activities that still mean the most to them today. For others, Dartmouth was a big adjustment, and freshman fall was one of their more miserable terms. Unfortunately, Priya's arrival at Dartmouth coincided with her discovery of both "The Office" and Dan Brown novels, and thus she spent the majority of her freshman fall in her dorm. For Casey, freshman fall was pretty much a hypothermic blur of intro level classes, aggressive pregames in the Choates and constant sleep deprivation. This issue of The Mirror also marks the end of our tenure as editors (or "reign of terror," as Casey likes to call it), so we deemed it highly appropriate to get super reflective (again). On a final note, it has recently come to our attention that people tend to find our editors' notes and pictures "totally weird" and "bizarre." To that, we will echo one particular sentiment expressed by Gardner and Kate in their column this week: haters gon' hate. Mirror editors out.