Top 5 Things We Miss About Freshman Fall

by The Dartmouth Mirror Staff | 11/8/12 11:00pm

  1. Freshman pregames and an uncanny, and yet unfortunately short-lived, ability to guzzle $5 vodka from plastic bottles.
  2. Getting care packages from our parents. Fun fact: Priya once received a care package filled entirely with almonds and socks.
  3. Doing readings on time, going to office hours and just generally caring about classes. Bonus points for sitting in the first three rows of a gigantic lecture hall... and for even showing up at all.
  4. Being horrifically bad at pong, when it was kind of funny and excusable and you're not an embarrassment to your fraternity (hi, Jay).
  5. Having a UGA to host floor meetings, make BFAB and be our part-time therapist and/or life planner.