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Curious Jorge?

(11/21/11 4:00am)

There are many things I am thankful for this term. Classes are going pretty well, and my professors seem to like me. I'm also thankful for my success at pong. Not to toot my own horn, but I definitely have a winning record this term. And it's not like I'm only playing freshmen (I actually haven't played many '15s at all). I do believe experience plays a big role, and by now, I think I've seen it all.

One-on-One: Chris Plante '12

(11/21/11 4:00am)

Men's diving team captain Chris Plante '12 placed fourth in the three-meter event and fifth in the one-meter event in Dartmouth's meet against Brown University this weekend, which the Big Green handily won. The diving team will be back in action after winter break, beginning with a showdown against Yale University on Jan. 14. I sat down with Plante to talk about pre-dive rituals, the scary aspect of diving and the team's affinity for guacamole.

Squash opens regular season with convincing road wins

(11/21/11 4:00am)

The Dartmouth men's squash team showed promise of a successful season this weekend with overwhelming victories over the United States Naval Academy and George Washington University on Saturday, followed by a hard-fought win over Franklin and Marshall College on Sunday. The women's team had a similarly impressive opening weekend, sweeping Franklin and Marshall on Sunday, 9-0.

Daily Debriefing

(11/21/11 4:00am)

A U-Haul truck driven by a Yale University undergraduate student struck three people killing one and injuring two at the tailgate before the football game against Harvard University on Saturday morning, the Yale Daily News reported. Nancy Barry, a 30-year-old resident of Salem, Mass., was pronounced dead less than 30 minutes after the incident, New Haven Police Department spokesman David Hartman said in an interview with the Daily News. The second victim remains in critical condition at Yale-New Haven Hospital, where the third victim was treated for minor injuries. Officers brought Yale junior Brendan Ross, the driver of the U-Haul, to the New Haven Police Department headquarters for questioning, though he has not been charged with any crimes and is not in custody. Despite the incident, the tailgate and football game proceeded as planned, according to the News.

Briefly Noted

(11/21/11 4:00am)

The Columbia University marching band was banned from the Columbia football team's final game of the season after chanting disparaging lyrics about the team in the Lions' game against Cornell University last weekend, The New York Times reported. Members of the band changed the lyrics to the Columbia fight song, mocking the team's 0-9 record. Band members chanted "we always lose, lose, lose/but we take solace in our booze," according to The Times. The band issued a statement apologizing to the Columbia community last week, stating that its members "accept the consequences and look forward to continue to be a part of our school spirit for future athletic events." The band was eventually allowed to perform at the game, and may have provided the team a stroke of luck as the Lions secured a surprising upset over Brown University for its first win of the season on Saturday.

Fletcher, Cerny to direct The Dartmouth in 2012

(11/21/11 4:00am)

Fletcher, who will replace Emma Fidel '12 as editor-in-chief, is a neuroscience and anthropology major from Seattle, Wash., and a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. Fletcher is currently on an off-term in India working with a program focused on health and human rights. She started writing for The Dartmouth her freshman Fall and has since written for news and The Dartmouth Mirror.

LuminAid helps disaster relief orgs.

(11/21/11 4:00am)

Called the "Toms Shoes of electricity" by technology website Gizmodo, the LuminAID a portable, inflatable solar lamp designed by Anna Stork '08 is generating excitement and funding from both outdoor enthusiasts and international disaster relief organizations, Stork said in an interview with The Dartmouth. LuminAID employs a "give one, get one" model, similar to that used by Toms, in which customers pay $25 to buy a LuminAID lamp for themselves and send one to individuals across the globe who would otherwise be unable to afford lighting, Stork said.

SPCSA gathers student feedback

(11/21/11 4:00am)

Increased programming, a renewed sense of accountability and more discussion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender dynamics are necessary to lower the prevalence of sexual assault on campus, a group of approximately 15 students said in a town-hall-style meeting sponsored by the Student and Presidential Committee on Sexual Assault on Sunday afternoon in One Wheelock. The discussion moderators SPCSA co-chair Elizabeth Hoffman '13 and Mentors Against Violence co-director Andrea Jaresova '12 will present suggestions from the discussion in a report to the administration by the end of Fall term, Hoffman said.

Brooks: Honorable Relations

(11/21/11 4:00am)

Although it feels like so long ago that I was confusedly eyeing a map and carrying way too many papers as I walked around campus, I am not that far removed from Orientation week. One of the "mandatory" events that I didn't skip that week was a performance addressing issues related to sexual assault and violence. Since then, I have become increasingly resolved to do what I can to help prevent violence from occurring at Dartmouth. Combating issues of sexual misconduct will take a concerted effort from everyone at Dartmouth, and I have witnessed situations that could hamper such efforts.

Pedde: Ignorant Economics

(11/21/11 4:00am)

Earlier this month, about 70 Harvard University freshmen walked out of their introductory economics course. In an open letter to their professor, the students claimed to be protesting "bias" in the class and expressed solidarity with the "global Occupy movement." Given the profound economic ignorance shown by the content of their letter, it is tempting to simply dismiss this walk-out as little more than a stunt by a few arrogant freshmen. But I think this event is but one facet of a larger problem the politicized way in which public discussion often treats economic theories and evidence. This means of discussing economics is wrong, and needs to be changed.

Internet Meme of the Week: Feminist Ryan Gosling

(11/21/11 4:00am)

It is a well-accepted fact that Ryan Gosling is something of a sex symbol. Some may argue, however, that women should not idolize a man based solely on his appearance, as it is superficial and degrading. With the Tumblr "Feminist Ryan Gosling," there is finally a compromise. The setup is simple enough: Images of Gosling from his films or public life are superimposed with the standard greeting of "Hey Girl" followed by feminist theory that has been warped into pickup lines. These include Jacques Derrida's politics of sexual difference or Michel Foucault's theory of power. Created as a study aid by Danielle Henderson, a graduate student in the University of Wisconsin's women and gender studies program, the blog went viral quickly. There's been no response from Gosling yet, but it's likely that he's getting even more popular with the ladies than Simone de Beauvoir's theory of the lost female genius.

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