Curious Jorge?

| 11/20/11 11:00pm

There are many things I am thankful for this term. Classes are going pretty well, and my professors seem to like me. I'm also thankful for my success at pong. Not to toot my own horn, but I definitely have a winning record this term. And it's not like I'm only playing freshmen (I actually haven't played many '15s at all). I do believe experience plays a big role, and by now, I think I've seen it all.

When considering Dartmouth sports, there are several things I am thankful for. Let's jump right into what you should mention at the Thanksgiving table when the topic of Big Green athletics comes up (and I'm sure it will).

Correct predictions

I've made several predictions throughout my time as a sports columnist, and although these predictions sometimes do not work out and make me look rather silly, I do feel proud of myself when one of my guesses turns out in my favor.

More than a year and a half ago I wrote, "Jumping on the sailing team bandwagon right now will be as fruitful as if you had bought Apple stocks 10 years ago"("Curious Jorge: Spring Superstars," April 30, 2010). Although this wasn't as much of a prediction as it was advice, the sailing team came through for me last weekend and has made me a sailing-team favorite.

Last weekend, the sailing team competed in the Atlantic Coast Championship in Cambrige, Mass., and the results were impressive. The co-ed sailing team finished second in the ACC, while the women's team finished third. As an encore to their incredibly successful finishes at the New England Conference Championship regattas in late October, both teams' performances have given them momentum heading into their spring season.

I covered the sailing team beat for over a year and got to know many of the members of both the co-ed and women's sailing teams. Other than being a great group of student-athletes, they are also extremely dedicated to their sport. I have always vouched for them, and they are now proving they aren't just a bandwagon-type team, but a team that deserves a true contingent of fans and love.

Resilient teams

In my first column this term, I said the Dartmouth football team would finish with a 7-3 record. Well, as you probably know by now, that was wishful thinking. After winning its season opener, the Big Green sputtered and found itself with a 1-4 record halfway through the season. The squad has, however, buckled down in the second half and surged to finish the season with a respectable 5-5 record, good for a four-team tie of second place in the Ivy League. This team could have given up midway, but instead kept at it to produce a .500 season.

It hasn't yet been decided, but co-captain Nick Schwieger '12 has to be the Ivy League Player of the Year. I have been touting Schwieger as the clear-cut MVP all season, but you never know how the voting turns out. Whatever happens, Schwieger certainly has my vote. With 1,310 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns this season, he has arguably outdone his 2011 co-Player of the Year performance.

Surprising teams

Truth be told, the Dartmouth swimming and diving teams have not made much noise in the League in quite some time, but both the men's and women's teams started the season on a strong note.

Last weekend, both swimming programs handily beat Cornell University, but lost to League powerhouse Harvard University. This past Saturday, Dartmouth pulled out a victory against Brown University, beating the Bears by a huge score. No one knows whether the teams will continue their Cinderella story, but you might as well cheer for them while swimmers and divers continue their winning ways.

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on what has gone well in the past year and give thanks. Dartmouth has had quite a Fall term, with teams making noise all over the League. Be sure to give thanks for these teams, but also for everything we have at Dartmouth: pong, friends and of course great DDS food. I'll be giving thanks for all of that, but also for you guys, my readers, who help build my campus celebrity status. Gobble, gobble Happy Thanksgiving!