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May 21, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Fletcher, Cerny to direct The Dartmouth in 2012

Members of the 2012 Directorate gathered in Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society on Friday evening to announce the incoming Directorate members.
Members of the 2012 Directorate gathered in Casque and Gauntlet Senior Society on Friday evening to announce the incoming Directorate members.

Fletcher, who will replace Emma Fidel '12 as editor-in-chief, is a neuroscience and anthropology major from Seattle, Wash., and a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority. Fletcher is currently on an off-term in India working with a program focused on health and human rights. She started writing for The Dartmouth her freshman Fall and has since written for news and The Dartmouth Mirror.

"I could not be more thrilled to lead The Dartmouth with such a wonderfully talented group of editors," Fletcher said. "The '12s did a fantastic job so we have big shoes to fill, but I can't wait to get started."

Cerny, who will replace Alina Everett '12 as publisher, is a psychology and government major from Prague. He is a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and is the founder and president of TEDxDartmouth. Cerny is currently studying in Seoul, South Korea, through an exchange program at Yonsei University. Cerny began working for The Dartmouth during his freshman Fall as a business associate and served as online advertising manager during Fall 2010 and Winter 2011.

"The three previous publishers I have known during my time at Dartmouth have been some of the most inspiring people I have met here," Cerny said. "I will strive every day to grow as a human to try to fill those shoes."

Incoming executive editors Vince Marriott '13 and Jay Webster '13 will replace Katie Gonzalez '12 and Jamila Ma '12. Marriott, a history major from Wallingford, Penn., served as sports editor during Spring 2011. Webster, a native of Wilton, Conn., is double majoring in French and history.

Eliza Relman '13 will take over for Greg Berger '12 as day managing editor. Stephen Kirkpatrick '13 and Grace Afsari-Mamagani '13 will succeed Ann Baum '12 and Madeline Sims '12 as evening managing editors.

On the business side, Sam Worth '13 will replace Glynnis Kearney '12 as advertising director while James Lee '13 will take over for Alex Lucey '12 as the national advertising director. Benjamin Spero '13 will replace David Rogg '12 and Dan Rozenfeld '12 as finance directors, although Gardiner Kreglow '14 will serve as interim finance director during Winter term while Spero is off-campus. Sam Seehoff '13 will succeed Will Stone '12 as circulation director. The position of technology director, currently held by Andrew Bloomgarden '12, is still vacant for the 2013 Directorate.

Jonathan Gault '13, Dong Zhao '13 will succeed Conrad Scoville '12 as sports editors while Ashley Blum '13 and Keshav Poddar '14 will replace Emily Johnson '12 and Raza Rasheed '12 as opinion editors. Jackie Donohoe '13 will take over as arts editor for Rob Szypko '12.

Priya Krishna '13 and Casey Aylward '13 will succeed Christina Wray '12 and Erin Lansky '12 as editors of The Mirror. Angie Yang '13 will succeed current design editor Maggie Zou '12 while Marina Villeneuve '13 will take over as online editor for Tatiana Cooke '12. Catherine Treyz '13, who served as graphics editor in Winter and Spring 2011, will take on the new role of multimedia editor in Spring term.

Maggie Rowland '14 and Nathan Yeo '13 are the new photography editors, replacing Aki Onda '12 and Sujin Lim '12.

The outgoing Directorate also recognized several current staff members for their contributions to The Dartmouth. Jenny Che '14 received the Staff Writer of the Year award while Christine Kim '14 was honored with the Moses Davis Award for Outstanding Sophomore Business Manager.

Alex Barg '15, Lindsay Ellis '15, Myrel Iturrey '15, Taylor Malmsheimer '15, Stephanie McFeeters '15, Tom Owen '15, Noah Reichblum '15 and Ashley Ulrich '15 were presented the Ira T. Holmes Book Awards, recognizing their accomplishments during their first term as staff members.

Maia Salholz-Hillel '15, Justin Burris '15, William Johns '15 and Richard Yu '15 received the Ira T. Holmes Book Awards for advertising, finance, circulation and technology, respectively.