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Obama's foreign policy advisor lays out platform

(11/12/07 8:54am)

Addressing the pressing foreign-policy questions of Iraq, Iran and Darfur, Samantha Power, a professor at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government and advisor to presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., advocated the candidate's foreign policy platforms to around 12 Dartmouth students in Sanborn Library on Saturday morning. Power emphasized that Obama's alleged "experience deficit" is not a hindrance to his leadership capability.

Underdog candidate talks health at DHMC

(11/12/07 8:54am)

Huckabee chose to focus on his personal political experiences rather than his current platform, highlighting the successes of his health programs as governor. He told the crowd that, by mandating all public school students to have their body mass index measured and allowing state employees time to exercise during work hours, as governor he helped the government increase its long-term savings.

Trustees change committee structure

(11/12/07 8:53am)

Dartmouth Board of Trustees Chairman Ed Haldeman '70 and College President James Wright declared that the College would "continue working" with the Association of Alumni despite its lawsuit against the College in an interview with The Dartmouth after the board's November meeting this past weekend. Following through on the recommendations of its September governance report, the Board of Trustees added three new standing committees to its structure and received updates on the College's $1.3 billion capital campaign and plans for new facilities.

Toe to Toe: Hodes versus Schmidley (Hodes)

(11/12/07 6:19am)

A few weeks ago, I toppled Schmidley in our debate over whether college football needs a playoff system. I still maintain that it does not, but we're rapidly approaching another BCS nightmare scenario. After Illinois all but ended Ohio State's title dreams, the top BCS ranking was thrown up for grabs. Currently, there are eight one-loss teams, seven of which hail from major conferences. More importantly, there are two undefeated teams remaining -- and one has a legitimate gripe about not being the top-ranked team in the country. All things considered, several teams are going to end the season feeling as if they've been cheated out of a shot to play for the national championship. Umm, so why do I still think the BCS works?

Students have a right to privacy

(11/12/07 5:19am)

I read the article on Nov. 8 about professors being able to monitor students' Blackboard use ("Profs monitor student Blackboard use"). Why on earth has the feature been included in the Blackboard software? I could see the educational value of looking at general statistics, such as how many students accessed Blackboard, or a general chart of when different documents are accessed. But for professors to have information as to exactly who is looking at what and when? What precedent or need exists for professors to get specific information about which students are reading what and when?