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The Wii and the PS3 David Vs. Goliath?

(11/17/06 11:00am)

With the holiday season almost officially upon us, thoughts turn to dreaded holiday shopping. The Sony Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii are destined to find their way onto many shopping lists. Both of these videogame consoles were just released and the two could not be more different. The Playstation 3 is a black monolith filled to the brim with bleeding-edge components and has a price tag to match. The Nintendo Wii is a small white box that lacks stunning graphics but makes up for it in genuine innovation and a substantially lower price.

Major fashion woes

(11/17/06 11:00am)

With the end of sophomore fall approaching, there is a sense of urgency for self-discovery among the '09 class. My classmates are dialing home for some parental guidance, pouring over the pages of the ORC and looking for peer advice during pledge term events. Winter term registration is officially over and so for those of us taking our time exploring all edges, crevices and corners of the vast academic universe, we have three more opportunities to find our passion.

Topside Turkey

(11/17/06 11:00am)

In case you hadn't already realized just how many of your friends at Dartmouth are from the Eastern seaboard (or, in particular, the New York metropolitan area), fall's first holiday vacation makes the geographic breakdown of the College's student body abundantly clear. At Dartmouth, Thanksgiving isn't about people coming together to share in a bountiful harvest; it's about the kids who have relatives within driving distance of Hanover visiting their families for home-cooked Rockwellian spreads, whilst the rest of the population tries to decide whether an outrageously expensive roundtrip plane ticket is worth it to avoid gnawing EBAs pizza crusts on the last Thursday of November.

Original Sports Clichés

(11/16/06 11:00am)

As you may have noticed, I don't do a lot of college football columns. It isn't that I don't like college football; It's just that I spend most early Saturday afternoons curled up in the dark with an icepack, or wondering why I woke up on the floor curled around a dirty sweatshirt with a 30-pack as a pillow, or in the bathroom furiously scrubbing off the penis that somebody drew on my face in permanent marker. But with the Michigan-Ohio State football game coming up this Saturday, I thought I, like every other sports columnist in the known universe, ought to do a column on it. So, let's break this down, OSC-style.

A New Conception of Diversity

(11/16/06 11:00am)

In our Dartmouth community, which puts a very high premium on pluralism, we should also tolerate and seek to understand a diverse range of opinions on the nature of diversity. A point that too often gets lost in the larger debates about mascots, affirmative action and the like is that there is more than one conception of diversity, and not all of them are positive. In the quest to achieve an optimal learning environment, we sometimes counterproductively limit the meaning of diversity to certain racial groups and skin colors.

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