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Point - Counterpoint: Spurs-Lakers matchup headlines NBA's second round

(05/04/04 9:00am)

Throughout the regular season, off-court problems highlighted by Kobe Bryant's impending rape trial and on-court questions of team unity plagued the Lakers. Despite these issues, the team easily disposed of the Rockets in five games in the first round of the playoffs. As a result, they face the defending champion San Antonio Spurs, who recently completed a four- game sweep of the upstart Memphis Grizzlies.

Parting Words As Dartmouth Heads to the Polls

(05/04/04 9:00am)

Life really is full of surprises. For example, I didn't realize how insanely cold beach temperatures could get until I tried to spend spring break in Myrtle Beach last year sleeping under a boardwalk. Perhaps a less interesting story to some, but a more relevant one given today's Student Assembly elections, is that I have come to an eleventh-hour decision to support the candidacy of Julia Hildreth.

Pharmaceutical ads prone to lead patients astray, study says

(05/04/04 9:00am)

Pharmaceutical advertisements that boldly challenge the viewer to "ask your doctor" about the benefits of the latest new wonder drug have become seemingly ubiquitous on television. However, it is the data that is absent from these advertisements that might provide the information most beneficial to consumers, a recent study suggests.

College to construct $4M life-sci. lab at Centerra

(05/04/04 9:00am)

Dartmouth is collaborating with Lyme Properties LLC to construct a $4 million life-sciences research laboratory in the Centerra business park by fall of 2004. The temporary facility, already under construction, is intended to help Dartmouth attract top-notch faculty until the College has enough available funds to build an on-campus lab.

Shoghaken Ensemble brings a little Armenia to Spaulding

(05/03/04 9:00am)

A good number of students and an even greater number of first-year parents here for the weekend braved the heat of a stifling, un-air-conditioned Spaulding Auditorium Friday night to take in what has been called the best of Armenian folk music. As part of their 20-city tour of the United States, the Shoghaken Ensemble visited Dartmouth for four days last week, with their visit culminating in Friday's performance.

Returning the Favor

(05/03/04 9:00am)

The world can be a better place if we constantly remind ourselves of the immortal words spoken by former "Male Model of the Year," Derek Zoolander: "I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is." Luckily for Zoolander and other aspiring male models, we have already found what that something "more to life" is: it's being really really supportive of UNICEF-Dartmouth recognition.

COS sees surge in candidates

(05/03/04 9:00am)

Twenty-five sophomores and juniors are running for six seats on the Committee on Standards this week, a dramatic increase from past years. The number of students on the ballot is more than double the 11 that ran last year for the committee, a hike that COS candidate Diana Zhang '06 attributed to the amount of sophomores involved in student government and a greater awareness of the committee's responsibilities.

Dave Zubricki for SA VP

(05/03/04 9:00am)

This year I have served as President of the Class of 2007, as Vice President of Ivy Council, and as a highly-involved member of Student Assembly working on both the Student Organizations and the Student Life committees. My work in Class Council can attest to my leadership. Besides being the chair of the Bonfire and First-Year Family Weekend (positions that put me in direct contact with President Wright, Dean Larimore, and numerous class deans), I also presided over a successful winter formal that brought 300 people to the Top of the Hop on a cold and snowy night. This is leadership. Working to get things done is what I do -- now its time to move on to SA.

Go for the Gold

(05/03/04 9:00am)

Do you know your rights? Well, if you've checked your HB in the last few weeks you should have a clearer idea. The Student Rights Card, which I developed, is an example of the tangible projects that I have completed in the past and which I will continue to pursue in the future. My priority is to increase communication between the Student Assembly and all members of campus. For instance, I plan to develop a comprehensive on-line campus calendar system. I would add organizational representatives and services to the Student Assembly to focus on their needs. Also, I will publish a Student Organization Handbook covering funding opportunities and event planning procedures. I plan to reinstate the Diversity Affairs Committee in order to ensure all students' voices are heard as well as utilize the Community Service Coordinator position to promote student involvement in our community. Additionally I would hold SA office hours where students can be guaranteed to interact face to face with members of the Assembly.