Dave Zubricki for SA VP

by Dave Zubricki | 5/3/04 5:00am

This year I have served as President of the Class of 2007, as Vice President of Ivy Council, and as a highly-involved member of Student Assembly working on both the Student Organizations and the Student Life committees. My work in Class Council can attest to my leadership. Besides being the chair of the Bonfire and First-Year Family Weekend (positions that put me in direct contact with President Wright, Dean Larimore, and numerous class deans), I also presided over a successful winter formal that brought 300 people to the Top of the Hop on a cold and snowy night. This is leadership. Working to get things done is what I do -- now its time to move on to SA.

SA needs a Vice President who from Day One will know exactly what to do, and more importantly, how to do it. SA needs to be more organized, communicate better with students, and be effective as an advocacy group for organizations that are neglected. As VP I will work to find out what student groups need our support. SA will put on the first Dartmouth Town Meeting, bringing students in direct contact with the President, the Provost, and the Dean of the College. SA will facilitate the conversation between the Greeks and the administration so that productive solutions are arrived upon.

Todd Golden is a year older, but his experience in SA cannot make up for a lack of leadership. Todd has never been a leader in SA, though he claims that his position as President's Assistant is that of a leader. Yet, though I am Class President he aggressively questions my ability to lead. Karan Danthi is my friend and I have worked with him on Class Council. I disagree with his direction and vision though. We need a Vice President who can bring people together, whether they belong to a Greek house or not.

I want to be Vice President because I honestly care about every aspect of Dartmouth College. I will do great things for Dartmouth and never let down my enthusiasm. I have the experience, the leadership, and the passion. I humbly ask that you give me your vote on Tuesday.

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