Go for the Gold

by Todd Rabkin Golden | 5/3/04 5:00am

Do you know your rights? Well, if you've checked your HB in the last few weeks you should have a clearer idea. The Student Rights Card, which I developed, is an example of the tangible projects that I have completed in the past and which I will continue to pursue in the future. My priority is to increase communication between the Student Assembly and all members of campus. For instance, I plan to develop a comprehensive on-line campus calendar system. I would add organizational representatives and services to the Student Assembly to focus on their needs. Also, I will publish a Student Organization Handbook covering funding opportunities and event planning procedures. I plan to reinstate the Diversity Affairs Committee in order to ensure all students' voices are heard as well as utilize the Community Service Coordinator position to promote student involvement in our community. Additionally I would hold SA office hours where students can be guaranteed to interact face to face with members of the Assembly.

You deserve a personal and professional Student Assembly and I pledge to bring it to you. Rather than simply a "vision" spurred by the start of elections, I have been working for the last two years to inform and improve our college through material projects. For example, I have drafted, organized, and taught the Student Assembly CPR certification courses offered to students at no cost. Working with Dean Redman I have begun setting up medical coverage when Dick's House is closed, and reexamined ways for it to improve throughout the coming year. Numbers don't lie and experience is hard to fake, and as such they set me apart from the other two candidates.

Numbers That Count:

  • 4,200 Student Rights Cards researched, created and distributed

  • 300 Dartmouth students and 7 Safety and Security officers taught and certified in CPR for free to date

  • Six terms of organizing Profiles in Excellence Award dinners

  • Seven SA positions held including President's Assistant, Treasurer, and Tom Dent Coordinator

Through my leadership positions including two years on the Executive Committee of SA, I know how to be efficient and get things done.

"Go for the Gold" and Vote Todd Golden for Student Body Vice President!

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