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Big Brother is Watching

(04/24/03 9:00am)

I remember when I was growing up, I spent countless afternoons in my local library reading my favorite books. I remember the feeling of safety and comfort I felt in the library, among the hundreds of books. It was a place of possibility and imagination and creativity and intellectual freedom. This serene image was, therefore, somewhat jarred when I read in the papers that Monterey Park, California, has the following message taped to every computer screen of its public libraries: "Beware, anything you read is now subject to secret scrutiny by federal agents."

Berry Very Good

(04/24/03 9:00am)

Berry Library invites a narrow range of comments from students. Words like "functional" and "sanitized" tend to dominate. Berry Library's enormous size and complicated layout can be overwhelming even for an intelligent Dartmouth student. Garish sculptures represent a poor attempt at humanizing and beautifying a space that has the atmosphere of a hospital. However, like it or not, Berry is here to stay. Buildings tend to have a long shelf life. The architectural wonders of the Hop, the Choates and Bradley have long become part of the Hanover landscape. On the bright side though, with our new warehouse, it will be a long time before people can make snide comments that Dartmouth has a gym larger than its library.

SARS cancels Beijing FSP

(04/24/03 9:00am)

Jeremy Presser '04 has had rotten luck. He was accepted into this summer's Foreign Study Program in Beijing, only to have it cancelled due to the threat of severe acute respiratory syndrome. A few years ago, his trip to St. Petersburg on the Russian FSP was also cancelled because of violence in the city. His flight was also scheduled to depart on Sept. 11, 2001.

Getting To Know...

(04/23/03 9:00am)

Following in the footsteps of such journalistic luminaries as Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters and Ed Bradley, The Dartmouth's Mark Sweeney catches up with the big names on campus and asks the questions that others have too much professionalism or integrity to ask. Today, Sweeney sits down with a rising star in the music industry, John Lawrence '03.