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The Battle of the Mind

(11/19/01 11:00am)

Dartmouth College, like most educational institutions in the United States, is involved in a war over free thought. Much of progressive educational philosophy as well as postmodern ideals have abandoned the idea of "live free or die." The specific form of postmodern philosophy held here is group emotionalism -- which is commonly called "solidarity." If an opinion you hold is consistent with your group's feelings, then "solidarity" is served. If it conflicts with the group's consensus, then "solidarity" has been violated. But the ideas and the right to think of the individual must take primacy over any other rights and ideas. People in return should be held ethically and intellectually responsible for their ideas; we should regard them as thinking human beings. All ideas should be subject to scrutiny, but political correctness is an obstacle in the way of a community of rational thought and debate. By placing shackles on our minds and our ideas, society has released a weapon of massive brain-cell destruction.

The Real World

(11/19/01 11:00am)

I forget exactly where I was when it first dawned on me that college was not real. Most likely it was at some room party (remember those?) during freshman orientation in the fall of 1999 when S&S raided a two-room triple that had 70 people in it. It was clear that although there were no parents around to scold us, the College had felt it necessary to provide some form of law enforcement/monitoring to corral our newly found independence. Of course, over the years more instances have arisen that have clued me in to the fact that college is not real, but it was not until this fall, my third here at Dartmouth, that the concept truly hit me.

Discovering Treasures

(11/19/01 11:00am)

Once upon a time, I used to get sleep. I used to go to bed before 4 a.m. every day. I used to stay awake and learn something in my morning classes. Better yet, I used to actually go to my morning classes. I didn't feel groggy all the time. I didn't have dark circles under my eyes. I didn't doze off in random places. Sounds like bliss, doesn't it? It certainly was. And yes, such a time did exist, I promise you, and is not just a figment of my overactive imagination.

'Temptation Island' fails to allure second time around

(11/16/01 11:00am)

Directors and writers could not have planned the scene to be more comical. Two lines of hooded druid figures filed onto the camera to a climactic "Pure Moods" score. Four anxious couples watched the scene in complete and utter terror. The real highlight, however, came when the druids shrugged off their robes and revealed twenty-six tanned, smiling faces and sculpted bodies beneath. Fear abated and the couples stared down their competition.

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