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April 14, 2024 | Latest Issue
The Dartmouth

Teti '03 to lead The Dartmouth

John Teti '03, a 20 year-old Film and Television major from Wilmot, N.H., will be the next president of The Dartmouth, as announced by current editors at the annual Changeover ceremony Friday night.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2002, Teti and a newly appointed editorial board will oversee a business with staff of over 100 and an annual self-amassed budget of around $350,000.

"I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to lead an organization with such a rich tradition of excellent journalism," Teti said. "I'll be working with a smart and dedicated group of editors."

While president, Teti will manage both the business and news sides of the paper. He will also serve as Chairman of the Board of Proprietors of The Dartmouth, Inc., the student-run corporation that owns The Dartmouth.

Current President Omer Ismail '02 announced the new directorate -- which is chosen each fall by the outgoing editors -- at the Changeover celebration held Friday at Casque and Gauntlet.

"This has been a successful year for the paper, and I am confident that the 2003 Directorate will build on the paper's strengths and make it an even stronger organization," Ismail said. "I think next year's editors are extremely talented and have done some great work for the paper in the past."

Teti hoped his directorate would uphold the standard of excellence set by Ismail's, which was nationally recognized for its coverage of the murders of Half and Suzanne Zantop last winter.

"I hope to cover the Zantop murder trial as well as the 2002 Directorate covered the first stage of that story," Teti said. "But I also want to continue expanding The Dartmouth's features section while maintaining the quality of our hard news."

Ithan Peltan '03 will serve as executive editor, replacing Teti as Vice Chairman of the Board of Proprietors.

As second-in-command to Teti, Peltan will serve as The Dartmouth's chief operating officer, responsible for the paper's day-to-day operations -- particularly in the newsroom.

Jennifer Thomas '03 will succeed Teti in the position of managing editor. Thomas will work with Peltan in managing the editorial side of the paper and will supervise the news staff.

Kathleen McDermott '03 was appointed assistant managing editor. She will assist Thomas in preparing each day's news section. McDermott, who is off winter term, will begin her tenure in the spring.

Steve Kantor '03 and Rachel Osterman '03 will both serve as features editors, succeeding Julia Levy '02. Together, they will edit in-depth, research-based news articles, including those featured in special pullout sections published several times each term.

Kantor, who is off campus in the winter, will assume his position Spring term.

Jonathan Schroeder '03 will be op-ed editor, succeeding Jeff Deck '02. The op-ed editor reviews and selects editorials and cartoons for each issue.

Jeremy Skog '03 was named as next year's associate editor, placing him in charge of the layout and design of the news section. Since Skog is off campus until spring, David Schnur '05 will be the interim associate editor during Winter term.

David Sherzer '02 will continue as editor of the sports section Winter Term and will be joined by coeditor Sammy Kardon '03.

David Klein '04 will continue as arts editor, while Alex Friedman '04 and Rebecca Leffler '04 will remain editors of the Dartmouth Mirror, the pullout section published each Friday.

Succeeding Heidi Ellenbecker '02 as photography editor is Tripp Blum '03.

Justin Latham '03 will remain online editor.

Additionally, eight freshmen received awards for exemplary contributions in the Fall term: Megh Duwadi, Sam Lederer, Paul Rosania, David Schnur, Mark Sweeney, Katie Van Syckle, Nathaniel Ward and Dan Weinberg.

Layne Moffett '05 received the freshman photographer prize. Tara Kyle '04 received the staff writer prize.