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The Martial Plan

(10/18/01 9:00am)

Pretty much no one on the global stage likes the Taliban. They're cruel to women, they imprison men whose beards are too short and Christians who proselytize, and they blow up big statues of the Buddha. Man, that's like someone in a cartoon kicking a dog on the sidewalk. No one sympathizes with the guys who blow up the big Buddhas. But are they really the enemy here? Let me back up a notch

A Space to Connect

(10/18/01 9:00am)

It is likely that we are all feeling a collective relief to call Hanover, N.H. our current home. There is a wide enough geographic and emotional distance from the daily impact of the war to allow the Dartmouth environment to feel quite safe and padded. It is this emotional distance, however, that is often the hardest to negotiate. Many of us have already lost loved ones, or have family and friends in parts of the world that are in the midst of serious security threats. And for those of us who do not consider ourselves "directly" connected, we are still undeniably involved -- we read the news each day, we awake to radio-alarms telling of the wartime conditions that the world is steadily slipping into. We are all experiencing fear, confusion and, consequently, the emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs that are part and parcel of such trauma.

Students think 'hook up' culture isn't so terrible after all

(10/17/01 9:00am)

"I was at a party at his fraternity, and I was there with some friends. I actually hung out there a decent amount, but I had never met him before. A guy I knew there introduced us, kind of. We had actually met one time before that, but we didn't really know each other. It was a room-to-room tails party so I went into his room We were both drinking, we hung out, and then I guess we just ended up hooking up at the end of the night. It wasn't sex hooking up. The next morning, we woke up, and he said, 'Hey, I don't want this to be a one time thing.' And I was like, 'OK,' and that's how we started dating."

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