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(05/19/00 9:00am)

Green Key: a weekend steeped in tradition. Nothing else at Dartmouth is as steeped in tradition as Green Key. Many things are steeped in tradition at Dartmouth, but try as we might, we cannot tradition-steep them even to the same order of steepitude as is steeped the fair weekend of Green Key.

The Magic Key

(05/19/00 9:00am)

Once upon a time, in a collegial kingdom far removed from our space and epoch, there lived a young vassal named Jeff, who wrote columns for the local newspaper. (He had to write them on parchment with a quill, of course.) One day his editor, the Good Queen Op-Ed, said to him, "Prithee, Jeff, wilt thou write on th'eminent subject of Green Key?"

Answering the Green Key Booty Call

(05/19/00 9:00am)

If asked, most informed Dartmouth students will usually cite this approaching weekend as their favorite. Personally, I tend to waver back and forth between Green Key and Winter Carnival, but that's mostly because I have the unique privelege of risking life, limb and teeth while participating in the keg-jump. Nevertheless, few people would dispute Green Key's transcendence in the pantheon of Dartmouth weekends.

Looking back on 225 years of Greeks: a retrospective

(05/19/00 9:00am)

Odd that here in the Valley on the cutting edge of rustic modernization there is no hopping club scene, nor any sawdust and honky-tonk Cowpoke bars. We find ourselves with a singular focus each Friday and Saturday night. In the absence of NASCAR or good strip-clubs, what else is the bucolic college student to do? Cow-tipping loses its flair quickly, and all of the roadside signs have already been peppered by the buckshot of a townie who was thinking just a little faster than you that "goin' a-shootin'" might be a wholesome, fun-filled way to clear the stress after a long day at Wal-Mart.

Miller '63 sounds off on the SLI, future of Dartmouth

(05/19/00 9:00am)

More so than any of the College's other big weekends, Green Key brings to mind infamous comparisons to the movie "Animal House." Created by Chris Miller '63 -- who was known as "Pinto" to his Alpha Delta fraternity brothers -- the movie was inspired by Miller's own Green Key experiences as a brother at AD to celebrate the mindless fun and incredible debauchery of those days.