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Election 2000

(11/02/99 11:00am)

Within pro-life circles voters often face a supposed dilemma. They (the pro-life voters) can vote for a Republican candidate who might be 'right' on the issue of abortion but woefully wrong on other issues. In my interactions with fellow pro-lifers especially Catholic pro-lifers I have heard that Republicans are pro-life on abortion but anti-life on other issues; they hate the poor.

'Dead' center: Scorsese's latest is a haunted odyssey

(11/01/99 11:00am)

It must be hard for Martin Scorsese to live up to himself. Considering that he directed three of the most influential movies in film history over the past three decades ("Goodfellas," "Raging Bull" and "Taxi Driver"), he must feel constantly under pressure to match his previous projects. Even films such as the uncomfortable "The King of Comedy," the hard-to-stomach "Casino" and the controversial "Last Temptation of Christ" have all been groundbreaking for one reason or another.