College delays new cable policy for two weeks

by Mark Bubriski | 11/3/99 6:00am

Announcements on the College's policy on administrative fees and fines and changes in the campus cable television offerings have been postponed until the middle of November at the earliest, according to Dean of the College James Larimore.

On Oct. 5, The Dartmouth reported that the statements regarding changes were to be released later that month. But because of Larimore's involvement with the forthcoming Social and Residential Life Initiative proposals, the date has been pushed back.

"It's just that we've been spending every waking moment with the Student Life Initiative committee," Larimore said.

He does not attribute the delay to any problems with either the cable proposal or the fees and fines statement but rather his inability to meet with Treasurer Win Johnson.

The College policy on administrative fees and fines has been under fire for some time. The Fees and Fines committee met throughout last year to address student discontent with the current fining system.

The committee presented its report to Larimore and Johnson late this summer. Members of the committee would not disclose any details regarding their recommendations, but they have said a reduction in fines could be included in the package.

The two-part report included a proposal for a structured fees and fines policy and several specific recommendations concerning existing fees and fines.

Expansion of dormitory room cable offerings has been discussed of late but the proposal by the Campus Cable Television Committee is also currently shelved with the fees and fines report.

Chair of the Cable Committee Michael Beahan said that there is an interest in more diverse programming -- such as Black Entertainment Television (BET) and more Spanish-language options in addition to the currently-included channel Univision -- to total approximately 65 channels.

He said the delay in Larimore's and Johnson's discussion of their proposal most likely will not affect the projected installment date of fall of 2000.