College appoints new COS members

by Alice Gomstyn | 11/3/99 6:00am

Judicial Affairs Officer Marcia Kelly announced the six newly appointed members to the Committee on Standards, the College's judiciary board, yesterday.

Dean of the College James Larimore appointed Emily Anadu '00, Caroline Chang '01, Cristina DeVito '01, Lyndsay Harding '00, Emilie Linick '00 and Andrew Thompson '00 to join the six students elected to the COS by the student body last Spring term.

The COS, made up of students, faculty and administrators, rules on cases of sexual assault, plagiarism and cheating, among other things.

According to Kelly, the dean's appointments to COS are necessary, "to make sure the pool of students serving on COS is diverse in terms of gender, ethnic background, and their academic major."

Kelly said the dean's office worries that students elected to the COS tend to be "white male government majors."

Although the students elected for this academic year are diverse ethnically, there is a wide gender gap, with only one woman among the six elected COS members, Kelly said.

The dean's office informed Dartmouth students of the positions available on COS through an advertisement in The Dartmouth and by word-of-mouth. Eleven applications were received by the Oct. 1 deadline, Kelly said.

Kelly partly attributed the lack of applications to the time commitment that a COS position demands. The committee meets every Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 p.m., making it impossible for students with 2A classes to attend.

In addition to meeting the time commitment, members of COS must also be juniors or seniors in good academic standing and must not have prior disciplinary records at the College level or higher, Kelly said.

Due to this year's low response, Kelly said she will now consider other methods of advertising COS membership to students.

The elected members of COS are Brian Feldman '00, Bruce Kennedy '00, Zoe McLaren '00, Jorge Miranda '01, Brian Sleet '00 and Ezekiel Webber '00.