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Editor's Note

(05/15/98 9:00am)

After two terms of ill-tempered weather, the sun has emerged -- just in time for 77th annual Green Key Celebrations. All the signs of the impending weekend are visible: bands are flowing into to town, the taps are primed, and FO&M is well under way with their campaign to cover the College with liquid grass (btw, that color is not fooling anyone).

Men's golf loses by one to Harvard: Heaton, Welty play solid rounds as team loses in home finale

(05/14/98 9:00am)

The male golfers in green saw red this weekend, or crimson to be exact. Unlike their female counterparts who beat their Harvard opponents by nine points, 10.5-1.5 this past Saturday at Hanover Country Club, the men's golf team lost a tight match to the Crimson 12.5-11.5. The match was the only home event of the year for the Big Green golfers.

Men's hockey lands 12 recruits

(05/14/98 9:00am)

After just missing the ECAC playoffs this season, its hard to imagine that the men's hockey team has anywhere to go but upwards. However, after losing an influential group of nine seniors, it was imperative that head coach Bob Gaudet and his coaching staff find a group of young talent that hopefully could come in and contribute to the Dartmouth program immediately. A very tough task to ask of a coach in his first recruiting season at the helm of the Big Green hockey program.

High Standards

(05/14/98 9:00am)

It was my junior fall when I joined the Voices advisory board. I was eligible because I had attended three of the Voices events. At my first meeting, I had the right to vote on speakers and make suggestions. There were four executive positions that split up the work of publicity, treasury, general executive and projects. It was a very open organization in terms of work and input. No president had the last say. We spent the term picking speakers for the next term and hosting the events that we had arranged the previous term. I'm going to stop now and let you reflect on what I've just said. What's odd about this picture?

Top 10 classic 'Seinfelds'

(05/13/98 9:00am)

In the great run of "Seinfeld," which ends tomorrow night, we have all come to know and love several characters, quotes and scenes. Even the most uneven of episodes make their mark in some way. Can anyone forget Little Jerry, the Vault or George's shrinkage? Or how about Elaine's sponge-worthy qualifications, Jerry's infamous puffy shirt and Kramer's battle with tight jeans?

Of Mice and Men

(05/13/98 9:00am)

There are essentially two schools of thought on how life is best lived. There are those who believe that the important thing in life is to have a steady, well-paying source of income, to have a nice home and family, to be liked by one's peers and neighbors and to live to old age in good health. In the eyes of such people, exertion too far above and beyond the ordinary seems not only unnecessary but even unseemly: why kill oneself striving to do something extraordinary when it takes so little to be above average? Far better, in the eyes of those who reason in this fashion, to take life easy and to enjoy all the moments of leisure that one can: eating, drinking, watching television, enjoying gossip, playing games -- these are the things that supposedly give meaning to life.

Much Ado About Names

(05/13/98 9:00am)

Can you remember a time when you were younger and, oh, such a kid? Perhaps a time when you thought that you would never reach the seventh grade and that all of the eighth graders were the coolest kids in the hallways, their lockers towering over you like pillars of reverence. The sixth grade was kind of a liminal period in my life. I was neither here nor there. I was volatile; just 11, chubby, bouncy and intense.