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Cinderella Story

(05/22/97 9:00am)

This crowd has gone deadly silent. Cinderella story out of nowhere, a former greenskeeper now about to become ... picked up by the Hanover police. I'm sure anyone out there who's familiar with the movie Caddyshack will understand the reference. Well, as my friend Errik was reenacting this scene on a few flowers in downtown Hanover, a patrol officer was observing his swing from across the street. Since we still had our enviromugs from the afternoon, I was given the pleasure of joining Errik in the back of the squad car.

Class Day Speakers Should Reflect the Diversity of Experience at Dartmouth

(05/22/97 9:00am)

In two and a half weeks, over a thousand '97s plus a few assorted relics from classes of yore will walk up to that structure being built on the Green, receive our diplomas, shake the hand of the Finnish Prime Minister, and then venture out into the world. The day before that big event, we'll all gather together for Class Day on the Bema to fondly remember our Dartmouth experience, bond over our common memories and have one great collective laugh/cry.

Focus Should Be On Sexual Assault, Not the Greek System

(05/22/97 9:00am)

For the past two weeks, anonymous posters and chalk graffiti have highlighted the issue of sexual assault and alleged that Greek houses degrade women and protect rapists. If the students responsible intended to engender dialogue about sexual assault, their intent has miscarried. By targeting the Greek system, they have obscured an issue that merits serious discussion.

No Balm in Gilead

(05/21/97 9:00am)

Questions of race lie at or near the surface of many of the United States' debates on public policy, and the rancorous divisions they produce have no easily foreseeable end. Those weary souls who are wont to discern a teleology in nature must begin to see in race conflict some sort of great test or trial imposed by Providence, but what the precise nature of this test may be, or how we may recognize whether we are passing or failing, is more than anyone has yet dared seriously to address. Two outstanding characteristics which we might make note of concerning debate over racial questions in this country are these: the extreme reluctance of whites to come to grips with these questions with unflinching honesty (an unfortunate development indeed, for if there is one great truism in an era of mass communications it is that those who are not willing to engage a subject will have their thinking done for them), and the failure to question the fundamental terms in which debate is framed; in fact, the quasi-superstitious acceptance of an "essentialist" view of race as one of the immutably vital components in determining the course of one's life. Indeed, the very term "race relations" suggests approval of the view that there is something "essential" about race; for presumably there is no need to build bridges over imaginary gulfs.

Gimme Some Shelter

(05/21/97 9:00am)

I've heard the low, echoed, fatuous moans of freshmen blending with the collective tearing of envelopes, punctuated by heavy sighs as their hazed eyes swerve to the words "Hinman" or "McLane" stamped seemingly in blood upon their fall housing assignments. I wish that I could relate to my fellow students in this dire hour, or even empathize with them. But this year, I've lived in the River Apartments, and with little discomfort. I have almost no cause for complaint -- in fact, I've felt pleasantly pampered all term. My days have been filled with quiet nights and still quieter mornings; long naps in my single bedroom; even happy, Norman Rockwell-type evenings taking turns baking and cooking with my neighbors in our kitchens. Unfortunately, there's an evil mist lingering around 202 Maxwell these days. Not long ago, I was roused from a particularly delicious slumber by the phone ringing.

Dartmouth's most wanted: hundreds recruited yearly

(05/21/97 9:00am)

Long before taking the field in a Dartmouth uniform, athletes are players in the first game of college sports -- the recruiting game. In a process that has been called "sleazy" and "manipulative" by some and "honorable" by others, coaches struggle to find the most talented candidates and make them a part of the Big Green athletic program.