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June 17, 2024 | Latest Issue
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Assembly resolution endorses double minors

Two nights ago, the Student Assembly unanimously passed two resolutions -- one showing support for allowing students to obtain multiple minors and another supporting the Registrar's decision to remain open during lunch hours on the first three class days of a term.

The resolution in support of multiple minors came through the committee on academic affairs. Dave Gacioch '00, the resolution's primary sponsor, said on-line polling about the issue done in conjunction with the on-line Dartmouth Dining Services referendum showed student support for the idea.

According to the resolution, 85 percent of 1774 students who took part in the poll indicated they would support a change in College policy to allow multiple minors, and 814 respondents said they would pursue multiple minors if offered the chance.

In discussion of the resolution, members of the academic affairs committee said the Dean of the Faculty's office and the Registrar had both been contacted and both supported the idea of multiple minors.

The second resolution, sponsored by Scott Jacobs '99, asked the Assembly to send a thank-you letter to Registrar Thomas Bickel to thank him for responding to their request to stagger the lunch hours of his staff on the first three days of the term.

Although some Assembly members were confused by the language of the resolution, Jacobs explained that he had spoken to Bickel, who agreed to act upon receiving official word from the Assembly.

Rather than send a demand or reminder, Jacobs said he thought it would be nice to send a thank-you letter to Bickel.

Both resolutions passed unanimously by voice votes.

The members of next year's Student Assembly met yesterday evening and approved all nominations for the Assembly's executive committee made by President-elect Frode Eilertsen '99.

Yesterday, following a 20-minute debate about whether to make the meeting open and allow a reporter from The Dartmouth to remain present, the new Assembly approved Eilertsen's nomination of Anne Kanyusik '98 as chair of the academic affairs committee.

Some Assembly members expressed concern over Kanyusik's lack of Assembly experience, but current Vice President Chris Swift '98 said the important qualities should be "who you know, how well you work with others ... and your passion to get things done."

Kanyusik, who is the student intern to the Rockefeller Center, will bring "an edge of experience" to the academic affairs committee, Assembly member Dave Altman '99 said.

"I was blown away by her involvements in the academic arena," Eilertsen said.

Next, the new Assembly approved Eilertsen's nomination of Case Dorkey '99 as chair of the administrative and faculty relations committee, which Dorkey said he has "put a lot of time into -- probably more than my classes -- definitely more than I've slept" over the last two years.

Dave Parker '00 will return as the vice president of communications in the fall. He recently took over the position after the resignation of Josh Green '00.

Green said he and Parker have talked about the position and Parker is "one of the most amazing workers I have seen." Green was then elected to the position of vice president of student life.

"If anyone doubts [Green] would give his right arm for the Student Assembly, I can show you he would," Gacioch said.

Swift said Green will be an undergraduate advisor next year, which can help facilitate communication between the Office of Residential Life and the Assembly.

Kelly Bodio '00 was elected chair of the student organizations committee. Bodio has served as vice president of student services for the Assembly and said she wants to increase representation on the Assembly.

Arthur Desrosiers '99 was next approved as vice president of student services, called "the most thankless and least rewarding" office on the Assembly by several members.

Desrosiers, who is new to the Assembly, has been a core member of the 1999 Class Council for two years, Eilertsen said.

Finally, the Assembly elected Mia Hockett '99 to chair the community service committee. Hockett serves on the Tucker community service council and was a key player in organizing DarCorps, a campus-wide day of community service.