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Summer Lovin'

(06/27/96 9:00am)

Finding love at Dartmouth, a wise man once said, is like finding a diamond in a cow patty. The question is not whether it exists, but if it's worth searching through all the crap to get to it. After all, if we were lucky enough to find it here in Hanover, we would still have to scrub off the layers of mung from the basement we found it in.

Summer Term Blues

(06/27/96 9:00am)

Sophomore summer is here. It seems the College has done all it can to make this summer which I'm going to spend improving the mind in Baker instead of surfing in Hawaii as pleasant as possible. First, at the close of spring term, ORL evicted me from my pleasant little room in the Choates. (It was becoming almost like home to me, my having spent two-nineteenths of my life there).

Diverse but Separate

(06/25/96 9:00am)

I, like many others, decided to try to give something back to Dartmouth and host a prospective student. Although I never visited here as a prospective myself, I thought that I could help show Dartmouth to someone and explain all of the positives and negatives of life here. What I didn't realize was that who I was going to get to host was based on race and religion rather than randomness or intellectual commonalties.

Whose Distributive Requirements?

(06/25/96 9:00am)

I am sure that I wasn't the only one who was jumping for joy after receiving that nice little letter from the Registrar's office notifying me of the distributive requirements I have yet to fulfill. To tell you the truth, I have tried to keep an open mind about the matter for the last two years, convincing myself that the "new and improved" distributive requirements for the Class of '98 are an integral part to a well-rounded liberal arts education.