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Oil Is Not the Problem

(08/06/96 9:00am)

For years the environmentalist doomsayers have echoed the line -- "What will we do when the pumps run dry?" -- in an attempt to scare the public into believing that we are facing an impending energy crisis and at current population and economic growth rates the earth will be sucked dry of its last drops of oil in the next 40 to 50 years. Although their oil forecasts are a bit radical, their assessment of our inefficient energy consumption is right on target.

How You Sow, You Shall Reap

(08/06/96 9:00am)

Friday, my girlfriend and I were in line at Food Court like everyone else. This guy in front of us tries to pay for his dinner with his ID, but it doesn't scan through. The woman working there asks him what's up with his ID. He tells her that it should work, talking down to her like she's an idiot. Well, she tries it again and it doesn't work, the line is getting longer, and the cashier is getting madder. She tells him to either pay cash or borrow a friend's ID. Then, he goes off about how he's getting a new ID, so the Valedine must have canceled his old one, and this woman needs to let him go through the line without paying.

A Public Service for Prospectives

(08/02/96 9:00am)

Every day as I walk to class I am struck by the number of people taking campus tours, blocking the sidewalks and doorways as I try to avoid being trampled by a backwards-walking guide. The snippets of explanation I hear as I pass by remind me of the tons of propaganda the unsuspecting high school senior has to sift through in an effort to pick the right course for the next four years of their life. And perhaps this is the dread I feel at the impending prospect of choosing a graduate school: I am reminded of the frustration I felt in trying to choose a school that would fit both my needs and my desires. So, in an effort to simplify the process for prospectives considering Dartmouth, I offer this summary of things the recruiters would and would not want you to know about life here on the Hanover Plain.

The United States Is a Police State

(08/02/96 9:00am)

What has happened to the idea of a nation that protects, "Freedom, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all?" I am referring to America's legal system and the recent changes that have taken place in its structure. Although one can rightly wonder if we have ever lived up to these lofty goals, which our founding fathers wrote so eloquently, no one can deny that we are not only failing our own criterion, but we are moving in the opposite direction, towards a justice system, based on suspicion, fear and the wealth of those accused.

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